I know. I haven’t posted in eons. I have been posting on myPsiche though.

I’ve been wandering Mundania for some time now. That’s not a bad thing. I have phases, or cycles, where I really just need to ‘ground’. Focus on my outside life. Sleep a lot more than my normal deprivation. And think about not-a-whole-helluva-lot as much as possible.

I feel like I am slowly but surely healing from burnout.

I hear viewing calling to me from deep inside, that part of me I only seem to touch then, calling me home. I am ignoring her siren song for now. For ‘following my bliss’, the process can be surprisingly un-blissful, both in experience and in side-effects. I don’t know why some people can make a casual toy out of it but not me.

I’ve been thinking about doing a tiny website based on my past RV sessions. Not so much a here’s-what-made-it-to-paper, but a here’s-what-I-think now that time, feedback, etc. gave my brain “context for understanding” which in turn drops a ton more existing-info into place (see this forum post for some explanation). This would include psychic/non-RV stuff as well as RV stuff that had different results that while not what intended, still make sense to me. I can’t decide. There’s so much lunacy in the field and so much misunderstanding about RV that I feel like, if I do that, it might just confuse people. Maybe I should keep the term RV off it.


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