Tip of the Tongue

Sometimes, I feel like it’s a mental block. Or a mental disconnect. Like some evolutionary, greater version of me is right here, I can nearly touch it, feel it, it’s right on the tip of my tongue, but I can’t . . . quite . . . make the connection.

When I read accounts that allege that in our pre-history, aliens screwed with our genetics to make us shorter-lived and disconnected from most of the potential our DNA holds, that feels right to me.

Then again, maybe some of that is just us. Books like Joseph Chilton Pearce’s “Evolution’s End” suggest that the childbirth process our “modern” man uses, combined with many elements of child rearing and television and hormones in foods, pretty much make our population uneducable, essentially causing a variety of neurological damage. It’s his alternative to John Taylor Gatto’s “Dumbing Down” concept for modern schooling. I remember I read that a few months after I had a child, in a pretty unpleasant birthing experience, and I cried harder than any book ever made me cry, for the waste of humanity, for the ignorance of a species, for my own ignorance.

I’ve tried to implement things to weigh against some of the things he talked about: Very little TV for the kid, much more mommy time for bonding, and being aware of the parental behaviors he described that caused problems, from toddlers onward. Still. Odd that our “enlightened” medicine gives us one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world and a variety of follow-on problems, for the mothers and children in many ways that are not just about physical health; post-partum depression is nearly unheard of (as just one example) outside the modern childbirth approach.

So maybe we’re doing a lot of it to ourselves. On the other hand, who knows what is “sponsored” in our culture by guiding influences behind the screen, much like Ingo Swann describes the issue with rejection and even attack related to psi in our culture.

It just feels so unfair some days, I guess.

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