Time to live, I hope.

I keep forgetting to blog. I need to stay on it. Later, rereading stuff, it does me good.

Had a brief moment after a session recently. Flew to my Inner Guide. I see him more clearly all the time. I try not to be vaguely weirded out by this. He is sort of like if you crossed a human, and maybe an eel or something. Mostly human but… different. His eyes and ears and the side of his face and his skin. I believe the I.G. is a reflection of a part of me, so it doesn’t matter, but I find it interesting as none of my I.G.’s have ever been anything but totally human before. Strangely, I vaguely associate the “fishian” overlay with natal and core psychology stuff.

I took him with me to the Tower, as the Senior had asked me to visit more often. I feel very odd when I am there with all the others. I feel extremely shy, and always look for my mate of the four and hold him with my head against his chest like a shy kid. I’ve never been shy in my life, so it’s a weird feeling, especially to have in a meditation. Maybe following on my weird comment to Cosmos my cat the other night, I looked at the Senior and heard myself blurt out, “I don’t want to die yet.” (!! This spontaneous thing is kinda worrisome you know?!) He said seriously, “It is always your choice.”

Anyway, eventually (I’ve forgotten some details) I decided that what I want to do is Remote Viewing. And I suddenly felt the time was right and I stood up alone and straight and said, “I request, in honor, that all of you give me this: I want to use Remote Viewing as my way of acting out God’s Divine Will. I want this, and I have PAID MY DUES. I deserve it: it is mine!” Oddly it seemed as if they all half-expected this and felt it was about time.

I had the sense that my recent misery at hours and hours of my limited off-time spent doing manual archives of RV discussion lists from years ago… had simply finally put my Virgo self-imposed suffering to some level where finally I felt like I “deserved” skill and success with it. We of Four merged, though not the others. Still not a real intense merge which tells me I’m not fully integrated with it yet.

I had time for a quickie session just a bit ago. Have been determined to do at least a little viewing in the practice galleries to support them, but this is the first time I’ve gotten around to it in eons. Of course, wouldn’t you know, I got all the data any viewer should need, but many aspects of it were just like a movie (Superman Returns) that I saw just a few hours ago, so I dismissed them. Also had a couple ‘mini-movie’ daydreams (where spontaneously I’m just ‘in an experience, where like a dream I feel I know everything sometimes, and then I snap back here. But usually, when I get back to attention here, it was all so fast I can’t remember much of it).

It was not good but it wasn’t horrifying (esp for a quickie) so I let the session be public. That oughtta cure any inclination anybody in there might ever have to make me a guru.

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