Tides of the Dark

He was a calm man. He traveled up and down staircases in my dream, investigating different levels. He looked an ordinary man; decently distinguished, though dressed in black, much as priests do. I expect my recent reading helped shape his symbolic image. He had a trustworthy face, a kind face, reminding me vaguely of actor Tom Hanks in a current movie; that certain boyishness that some men never lose.

It was only coincidence; we happened to share a brief path of travel. The stairs; the tides. I suspect this was a sign of ‘cycles’, the tides, my symbolism. I saw that his calm footsteps away from one level were in fact an escape. Confusion and darkened chaos filled the place where he left, but never suspected his role.

There was a young boy, who had scraped the top of his toes somehow. It always began this way, I understood; only boys, only that age group. The left foot, I noted to myself in my dream. The left foot and ankle in biogram relate to homosexuality, among other things. This is a symbol: the child has been injured by this energy. More than injured, of course.

I don’t know why I dream of such things.

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