The Tower

My last two sessions have been utter non-data disasters from a remote viewing perspective. While metaphysics is all very well and good, that really is not why I sit down to view. If metaphysics will not stay out of my viewing, then apparently I need to make more time for them outside my sessions, so they will. So last night I sat down, added Narnia on the MP3 and let myself slide into meditation.

I went to my inner space, and eyed the castle over-there. If I visit it, I only visit the roof. I went to the roof and watched something that might be dragons fly in the far distance of the mountains, in the direction of the river. The sun was setting (its placement seems to have nothing to do with my outer world) and it was beginning to be dusk. I knew that I needed to go find ‘the tower’ whatever that was, as instructed (see previous post).

Bryn and Stet were there, outer guides, as always beside me. So where is the tower? I ask them. They indicate a big round part of the castle that goes up not too much higher than the high roofpoint I am standing on. Unlike most ‘towers’ in a castle this was not on the outer edge but right in the middle of the building. OK I shrug, and to get this over with, since I feared I might slide into sleep, I turned and went down into the castle proper.

Where is the tower entrance? I asked the castle-at-large when I arrived. Glowing arrows appeared in the air and I followed them, jogging a bit, until they led me to a hallway. The stairs led upward in a wide squared rise, which was nowhere near as big as the tower-top I had seen. When I reached the top—the last arrow pointed out an expanded doorway—I could see why; this was only at the side.

In the middle of the room, on the floor, was some giant symbol. I avoided looking at it, worrying that my conscious mind would AOL it into some symbol I know rather than whatever it is—it is best to get such data spontaneously and autonomously so I know that whatever my mind is giving me, it is more valid to my subconscious. I went and stood right in the middle of the big round room, in the middle of the symbol, and looked around.

There were a bunch of people there, which was confusing. There is only me and the three after all. I looked for my mate, and there he was; I walked over and put my arm around him, and tried to kind of curl up and hide against his chest, like a shy child might with their mother. I felt intensely shy about all these other people, as if they were more than I was ready to deal with.

The other two of our four came toward me and I felt, as I always feel when I address either of them, their ‘glory’ of a sort; spiritual royalty, to say the least. I clung to the third tightly, though, and aside from the other two, I refused to look at all the others. The senior nodded and all the others who had been coming toward us, stopped and backed up, standing back politely it seemed.

They are ‘of’ you as well, the senior told me. I held harder to the third, not wanting to see. It was hard enough accepting that my soul could somehow have three others involved with it—let alone that I was a ‘smaller perspective’ than they were, and the fourth of four—that took years. And I still don’t seem to have it all down, given some of my dreams and visions and meditations which suggest that I am, to put it gently, psychically obtuse.

There must have been about 12-16 other people there. I kept my eyes closed, clinging to my mate, the one who once told me he was Noshaimus, and he stood there stoicly, clearly ‘feeling through me’ that the thing to do here was to suck it up and pay attention but letting me do it on my own time. So I did. I forced myself to step away from him and to look at our senior squarely.

It is already so, you know, he said. It is only a matter of acceptance. He was quoting me back at me!—I wrote that about my ‘Abyss‘ experience back in my Bewilderness days. I gathered up my courage and agreed, and turned to greet them.

And there he was. Nero, the mischeviously grinning dark haired man who had bargained with me earlier. So he is one of the aspects of me? I wondered. Apparently so, someone thought, might have been me, but I’m not sure. One by one, each of the people shook my hand, and then walked into me gently, a very mild energy ‘merge’ feeling.

Usually archetype merges are far more intense than that; it suggests that I am really not much integrated with them yet at all. Then the cycle came around again, and it required that I go and walk into each of them instead, but shortly in… I fell asleep. Denial, probably.

When I awoke this morning, I forced myself to finish the process. The people spread out from the four of us, and I had the definite sense of a geometric, fractal pattern, that the combination of us “composed” something. Long ago, I had merged with the three and had a similar sense. The four of us lit up with white spheres at our chakras — including one under the feet — and merged together and then out into a 3D shape that was that “Tree of Life” QBL thing.

This time, there were lights less like white energy ball-spheres, and more like small but intensely bright glimmering things, and each person had several of them. We all connected together, as if the several we each carried were all fitted into a net or matrix or sorts, a pattern, somewhat spread out. I gazed on it from the inside and suddenly realized: it’s like being within the stars. Like a star-map in 3D, like floating in space.

Every man and every woman is a star, I remembered once reading, and then I remembered my experience with a universe as an idea incarnate. My relationship within the four is of one nature; the added people are more than an expansion, they are more like a… like a different nature of connectivity.

Tonight I am going back to talk with the three and see if I can better understand the point of it all, and what they would like of me.

Oh yeah. And I have a date with Nero.

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