The Third Coming

The other night (morning, actually), I was dreaming.

Upon a really tall hill, stood this big structure. Sort of a house, in a way. I went to the structure and found it had three stories to it. I went to the third story and found that it was open inside and had three stories within itself, as well. I went to the third story of the third story and walked around.

There were people there, some seemed oblivious to everything, others seemed to know each other. The moment I arrived, though, I understood that I was one of four who had come to meet in this place. The odd thing is that it wasn’t my normal “Four elementals of soul” symbology — if it was, they were all certainly very different than I normally perceive them. Or perhaps this was ‘grafted on’. Who knows.

There was a man, who was very quiet. Not quite sullen, but the kind of quiet that is not really peaceful and you’d be reluctant to disturb. He was in his 40s or 50s I guessed, and wearing a suit. The sort of man who seems always uncomfortable in his clothes. I understood that he was ridiculously, almost monstrously, psychic, and that was his ‘role’ almost like an unspoken job in our world.

There was a woman, who looked like someone’s grandmother. In her late 50s or early 60s I guessed, she was just a few pounds overweight and wearing a flowered dress with a kind face. She looked like she ought to be making cookies for someone in the south. But she was also incredibly powerful, psychically, the reason she was part of the four.

My friend J was there as well. But he was only half there; his attention was split. We “all understood” that this was necessary, because his other half was off negotiating with the leader of some arabic country in an attempt to keep the peace for another few minutes. He is certainly pretty powerfully psychic, and he was of the four.

And then there was me. I wondered what I was doing there. It felt appropriate that I was one of the four and yet, it was really obvious why THEY were there and meeting; and yet who the hell am I, I’m just restarting viewing after eons out, I’m a psychic brick, I’d be lucky to view my way to my own front door with my eyes open, it’s pitiful how painful it is when I restart after a long time away from it. I decided with some depressive cynicism that maybe I really didn’t need to be in on this group meeting all things considered, and I wandered down to the second floor and was walking around looking at things and talking to people.

Then the woman thought at me that I was to come back up to the third story of the third story where they were, with a bit of a tone in her thought as if I were a rather wandering-attention child or something; I knew why we were there, and where I was supposed to be, so why was I wandering all over the place?

I returned to that level, going near her, but pointed out, well I don’t see why you need me here. You guys are the cornerstone monster psychics of my country or world apparently, but I’m obviously not.

And she says/thinks, with this sort of … not patronizing in a bad way, but in an observant and weary way, “Well yes, we understand that you continue to deny and avoid this, but we trust that eventually you will take responsibility for yourself and accept that.” It came with the overlay of ‘destiny’. Her tone of thought was almost like a disapproving grandmother. Not angry, not really judgemental, but not willing to pretend, because you clearly aren’t living up to her expectations, either.

Then we all sort of merged psychically so our thoughts were shared.

There were two important things we had to meet about. One I cannot recall. In my memory I could swear it was about a movie, or some kind of video, which had information which ‘gave something away’ to the public in such a way that it literally changed the dominant consciousness of enough population to affect “probability” fairly radically. Alas I don’t remember more than that.

The other was about a man. Now, the man in the suit had found him first; the woman had found him second; but they’d both done so independently. The man in the suit had actually figured out his name, though he didn’t share it. We all four considered the situation.

The man was a messiah. Basically a ‘larger, more intense dose of god within a human body’ is about the only way I can put it. And he was… coming. I couldn’t tell if he had already been born or if he was just coming soon, but it was “soon” either way, whatever his status or age might be.

His presence was going to cause a highly significant change in the population’s awareness, which affected future probability significantly. It was like a wildcard, as futurology calls them. We were looking at a possibly profound shift in our people, nation, and world, as a result of this man’s presence.

I had a sort of overlay of Jesus, but not from the others, just from my own association with the concept of a messiah. It wasn’t like it was the same person. But it was, actually, like much of the same energy flowing through a different person, so in a way, it was the same. I understood that in terms of a highly specific individual whose presence here (directly or indirectly) could change the course of history, it was his third coming to our place. It had been a long time since the last time and longer still since the first.

And then my alarm went off and woke me up. I felt like I had to drag myself out from under the sea to get to it.


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