The Star-Shade Session

I think this was about 2006. I was sleep deprived as usual, and just wanted to do a brief session to keep a hand in. I decided to do the view offsite on paper, and then just generate target/feedback from the dojo. For this view — since most of mine are experimental in one way or another — I was not using any method at all, nor any real warmup, and I didn’t have much time for it. But enough to be worth doing before I went on with my evening. I wish I had the actual session, but I don’t have almost anything from my past viewing at this point, alas.

My first focus was on some kind of object. It was something you could hold in your hands. It opened and closed, seemed the important thing about it. Then I had the sense of a person, and then a person who was in a high point of emotion about something. Maybe grief, it seemed more like that, than anything else I could name.

I had the sense of vertical flat like a wall, then a structure, and then suddenly, an overwhelming AOL-S of one of the tasks I knew was in the dojo, because it was one of the first 800 I’d put in the pool probably two years prior: of this older woman, who for some reason I couldn’t recall at that moment, was leaning against the outside of the door of a house, crying. The photo was in black and white.

I decided this was target pool AOL, and did a “clear!” and pen-drop and visualized a clear wash of white energy over and through me, and resettled myself to continue.

I relaxed, and as I attempted to refocus specific to what was ‘most important and relevant about this target,’ I had the sense of a star — like a star in the solar system — and a split-second after that, the sense of a ‘shade’ — like a ghost, except it actually came through as ‘shade’ like the old-fashioned word for that — and somehow… they were one thing. It was a star-shade. I understood this meant it was a human soul, for some reason.

This was a completely novel data-type for me at the time, and I sat there almost blankly with it for a moment, and then suddenly I could FEEL something so powerfully inside: that the star-shade was a former-person who was a trapped soul — it was someone who had such a tremendous attachment here, that they had not been able to move on past our world.

What to do about such a thing?? At the time, I was not feeling very “objective” about it — I reacted the way one might if a kitten showed up on your doorstep bleeding. I just instantly “reached out to help.” Having no idea what to do, I called to the only “deity” that I had ever felt I was truly in touch with — earlier in life, I’d had a long period extremely dedicated to “Archangel Michael.” So I pleaded for help, and got a ROTE as Bob Monroe of TMI used to call them — a “thoughtball” — arrive in me promptly, and it “unrolled” with information.

Anchor the sense of the target, anchor the sense of Michael, anchor the sense of yourself as a “bridge,” imagine light all through you, the target, and the bridge, and then just HOLD IT.

So I did this, and I had the definite sense that a source I assumed was him to my upper left was “gently tugging” and that she (by this time I’d accepted the target WAS the one I’d AOL’d) was gradually allowing that tugging, and I felt a sense as if she really was “traveling THROUGH me” like “I” was the tunnel, or the “connector” between “my world” and “his world” somehow.

I’d previously had identities in targets “join me” in a sense; usually, it feels like “spiritual squishing” — as if we are both made of lots of silk scarves and the bulk of theirs is being forced into a small tight space where all those of me are. This has some profound effects when it happens (maybe I’ll post about at least one of those sessions later). This time, however, I felt that only somewhat, and it seemed much more “smooth,” and less “in me fully” than “passing through me” — slowly.

I started to get slightly distracted then, intellectually, considering whether or not I even believed anything that was happening at that moment — only to have a VERY strong sense — almost a “stern warning” — that I needed to PAY ATTENTION and HOLD THE LINE because it was NOT going to be good if I didn’t.

I had the actual sense that if I screwed this up, somehow, SHE was going to get stuck IN ME or something! Taking it vastly more seriously all the sudden, because I realized this might have a lot more reality than my doubting mind was making space for, I focused as intently as I could on what was going on.

I realized, as if I were someone else observing myself, that my head was thrown way back, and my mouth was wide open, for some reason — as it was some physically incredible experience. (Later I was to think this would make a great movie scene!)  I “held on” until the sense moved “all the way through me” and out again — and then everything seemed like it gradually closed down and faded, over the course of about ten very long, slow seconds.

I realized I’d just been sitting there staring into space for some time. I don’t know for how long.

I went and generated the target. I thought while I was doing so: Oh my God. What if it’s like, an ocean buoy or something, and I feel completely ridiculous after all that?!

It was the target I’d AOL’d. There was a woman, maybe 40s-60s, I am poor with guessing age in people. (I don’t recognize/remember faces very well either, so it’s probably related to that.) She was leaning against the wall/door area of a small house. She had an old-style clutch purse in her hands — the kind that open and close with a snap at the top. She was half-crouching, looked like she had half-fallen against the house, she was crying so desperately. The news story was that the state (California) had basically decided her house had to be torn down to make way for a road or something like that. She was poor, it seemed. She was trying to keep them from taking her house… but the big machines were right there, and she was locked out of it.

At that time, which I think was probably 2006 or so, I’d heard viewers go on about seeing “subspace entities” (whatever the hell that is) in their sessions, but I wasn’t real sure why anybody’d be seeing aliens or entities next to most targets, unless of course they were targeted on them, or expected (or kind of wanted) such a thing. (Coming from a viewer like me, who thinks planets, tornados and big trees are sentient, that’s quite a throwing-stones-from-a-glass-house, right?) This made me realize that maybe once in awhile, a viewer might happen to get rapport with a person at a target who — then or later — never passed out of our “sphere of attention.” And maybe, being in a different state of attention ourselves, we just might recognize, might realize, their need.

As for Archangel Michael… well. Years later, I finally truly met what some call HGA or higher self — or rather, I had been working through gradually larger %s of him with the changing of my inner guides for years, but finally got to the level where he was “the sun, the son, the christ” and I understood I was part of him, not the other way around. So I understand that all things are through Him. It does seem that the call to the Archangel worked, though.

Because Michael is real? Because HGA made it real? Because I believed just-barely-enough to make it real? Who knows? But me, the Doubting Thomas of the RV world, accepted the experience, and the conclusions I had about it all as being literal, without any argument.


As a musical theme for the post, here’s a link to a nice old song by Jewel, “Who Will Save Your Soul?”

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