The “I” of the Storm

Last night I got to BE a tornado for a little while.

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Did I mention wow?

Just prior to that, I had a whole realization related to remote viewing and the consciousness inherent in the targets themselves.

This enormous amount of powerful and chaotic energy… this enormous effort to “maintain cohesion” of all the energy which was “myself”… this effort being centered around keeping a “stillness at the absolute center”…

Why is it people think talking to a tree is metaphysically acceptable, but nobody considers that a tornado—shorter-lived but surely more intense during that time—might be a “consciousness” just like anything else?

Awhile ago—a year? two? I have no track of time thanks to over a decade nearly living on the internet—I was half-asleep in bed one morning when the most amazing sound occurred from outside. In a dream of sorts, part of my mind “said” to another part of my mind, “A gigantic monster made of wind is coming toward you, really FAST!” I dreamily mused on that for a moment or two, at which point the half-awake part of my brain had waded through it, figured out the meaning, translated it, and yelled at me, Tornado!! waking me up fully and instantly. My body woke up and started leaping out of bed. A few seconds later I heard it turn and go another direction. Later, people said one had come “so close” to us… but I already knew. The part that remained with me was the sense that “the monster made of wind” was alive in some fashion. I had never thought of it like that before. After last night, I actually believe this.

On the bright side, I would say that is proof positive that my cursed phase of RV has passed.

I live to serve. I want to know the universe. RV is an honor, a doorway to being introduced to infinite measures and combinations of energy and experience. Today, I am wondering how I could ever have thought of it in any other way.

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  1. I had a tornado pass by my house a year ago. I was lying in bed at 5AM listening to a storm when I heard a peculiar sound. The wind had organized somehow. Like you said, it truly seemed alive.Tornadoes often appear in my dreams. Multiple ones, usually. One would think that by now I could recognize them and become lucid. Instead I become so fascinated watching them that I forget. Ah well.Stay safe out there, RC!MarkT

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