The Glass Tower

Well I felt pretty weird all that night but by the next morning, couldn’t really find any trace of the ‘NewMe’ as I’d been calling it.

Well, maybe I am in some fashion different, but it’s subtle enough that it doesn’t matter.

It did get me wondering about personalities though. Like, author Jane Roberts who channeled Seth, who said at one point that she was an aspect of him basically, well Seth always perceived her more as “Rupert,” some personality she had been a century previous I think, even though he said that we live many, many lives. Now I have to wonder, how come he was focused on Jane, yet he perceived Rupert more?

So I got thinking, you know, to simplify this, let us say that you had ten different personalities (ten different lives). Let us say that someone is perceiving more about your soul, more like “the conglomerate of you.”

Might it be that the one most likely to come through “most strongly” out of all your personalities, is the one(s) that for whatever reason was “most AWARE”? Generally to me, it seems like awareness relates to the amount of one’s fuller-self one is aware of in the moment. So you might say that even though those ten personalities all spring from the same pool of consciousness, that one of them might be ‘larger’ — encompasses a larger % of that pool than the others do.

And so, if you looked at Jane (or Steve), even though you were focused on them, if you were perceiving them at some soul-level instead of just the surface, might you get more of the personality-of-soul that is most aware? Which might be another identity?

In this regard, I’m not trying to invent a reason for RV data to match, I’m just trying to understand how my mind works and why things came through like that.

Moving on.

So I did a session last night, first impression was animal and I pushed that aside. My mind proceeded to give me info I would NOT reject. I figure, that this did not relate to the target (an animal) was my own fault…

I decided to meditate awhile before doing more. I get to my space and remember, grudgingly, that the Senior says I’m to come to the tower more often. I go as if to go there but find myself where I usually prefer to go, out on the top of the castle, looking off one corner toward the distant mountains. Stet usually shows up there. But then all these other people from the tower started showing up, half a dozen, all male. Nero was there.

It was apparent they were following me, since I wouldn’t go into the tower… just didn’t feel like it.

So then suddenly, this guy, like a workman, walks by carrying this gigantic sheet of glass. I did like a triple-take. This is not the kind of thing that generally happens in your ‘sacred space’ so to speak. He’s one of the guys from the tower, I sense. I say, “What are you doing?!” And he says, “Why, carrying glass!” (doh!)

He does something then, right there in the middle of the open space where I hang out, and after awhile of activity I can’t quite make out for purpose or detail, he steps back and I see it.

It penetrates the stone that is the roof of the castle I’m standing on. I couldn’t believe it could do that. Then my eyes follow it up and I see it is a really tall, thin, pointed shape made of glass.

I just stand there, trying to figure out what this means. Then hits me: It’s A GLASS TOWER. Heh. A tower! Coincidence?? I wonder if my not going in the tower, and some tower aspects coming out to me, relates to the fact that a glass tower just got stuck in my roof and is now sticking way up in the sky.

I look around at them. They look at me. I say, “I have NO IDEA what this means.” Nobody volunteers anything.

Aggravated and clueless, I decided to skip the meditation, or more viewing, and just go to sleep, so I did.

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