The Dark and Fiery Coup

It might have been because midday yesterday I read a neat book written by an online friend: his accounts of some of the psychic exploration he’s done the last decade. It might be because I didn’t get enough sleep. It might be because I’m a drama queen. Honestly, I don’t normally consider myself concerned with what any Dark Overlord of the Astral might be doing. But I had this rather intense (though half-asleep) dreamish- “realization” in the dark this morning, as if it was something major it was important I be aware of:

It’s a tremendous coup. Tremendous. It’s taken a lot of ‘time’ in our world, to plan and to pull off, but now it is done, and it has succeeded. There is much gloating.

There is much about, knowing that this will change things, to be more in their favor than they’ve ever been. They see the darkness at the end of the tunnel, you might say: the devolutionary spiritual doom of humanity. They’ve finally put the dynamic in place to compensate for humanity’s ‘unfairly positive’ (they feel) momentum: it is done. It is only a matter of time; they estimate less than a decade, now, with this added component.

The (angry, as always) laughter is because they did it within the rules. The rules that have ‘unfairly’ (they feel) bound them so long: and so, action cannot be taken against them for it. Not until it is time, and this will serve them well until then, and might even help when the time comes.

They did not create any new creature– as forbidden. They did not manifest their own in our physical frequency– as forbidden. The genetic line already existed: a natural part of this localized cosmic ecosystem.

The creatures are a type of Elemental, of the nature of Fire. They are fast and vivid; they have intense feeding, intense breeding, and a fairly short lifespan as such creatures go. But that is because their energy source has been limited; it has maintained the equilibrium of their numbers within their sphere of existence.

Who can complain about what was done?–the creatures were gifted: their operating frequency was enlarged. That’s evolution, after all; to them, a fabulous thing has happened. Their species has been slightly … modified.

They previously spanned a tiny range of frequency just outside humanity’s primary energy envelope. Now, they just slightly overlap frequency with the primary energy signature of a human being.

They used to perceive us only indirectly; they watched the bright glow of humans just outside the range of their reality. They would have reached out for that massive, moving source of energy, the ultimate buffet, but we were not of their world, and they not of ours.

But that has changed now. Just a little; just at the edge; something humans will not be aware of, will not physically directly perceive, and would not be allowed to take seriously anyway. The little fire creatures will breed rapidly and without limit, now that they have a free food source.

The humans encountering them will feel drained; they will feel irritated; their physical immunity will lower and their spiritual focus, if they’re not paying attention to maintaining it, will weaken. The effect will grow literally by the day, as more creatures breed and more humans are affected. The fire-creature numbers and effect will eventually push humanity over the edge of its luck, and it will implode, politically, physically, and spiritually.

And all this was done within the rules. A positive evolution was ‘suggested’ to an innately-local lifeform, and they were assisted in evolution. There is nothing in the rules preventing that.

It is perhaps the most deviously brilliant military strategic success in the timeline of this eons-long jihad.

It’s time to wake up.


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