Shared Identity

Once in awhile I have a spontaneous experience where, for anywhere from 2 seconds to 15 minutes, I simply ‘am’ someone else. I’m sure I cannot describe this in a way that could make anybody else understand how utterly real-and-literal this is. The people are just… normal people. I believe they are real people, alive in my world, during my time. Why I tune into them, I don’t know; once in awhile I can track an interest in my life to it but usually it’s pretty spontaneous and inexplicable. This is prone to happen when I’m a bit trancey, or on the edge of sleep (…but awake), yet it’s not a dream. Whether it’s real I cannot prove, but it’s real to me. It’s given me some pretty radical changes in perspective and a lot of food for thought.

If a human body (let alone a human being on some larger or more cosmic measure) is really just energy, then who is to say that identity must be hard-edged? If I ‘share energy’ with someone, for example as part of sex, have we just become a part of each other in some fashion? What kind of effects might that sharing have, psychologically and spiritually? Does mere intent to share do it? Am I also just a little bit merged with my closest friends and family? How much of each person’s identity is actually a conglomerate of energies and shared-identities that they aren’t even consciously aware of? If your ex-lover is still ‘a part of you’ on some psychic level, is that still affecting people?

In a shamanic sense, all this stuff is a given, a no-brainer, a ‘yes of course’. But in the psychic worlds, most people have a hard enough time getting around a few basics. They often don’t have a tendency to “follow logic to its natural conclusions” and see what the beliefs they already hold would actually entail.

Do you suppose we are drawn to certain people, at certain times, in the same way we are drawn to crave a food for its vitamins? Because we need to absorb a little of them—-I assume there is some ‘trade’ usually—-for our health, or our balance, or our ability to hold a certain focus?

So when you make a decision in your life… and people come pouring in—old friends, old faves, people you didn’t know well till suddenly, and more—does it reflect that on some level you have ‘called them in’? Or could it be that those you slightly-overlapped with in some small way, even unknowingly, are ‘sparked’ by your change, called to attention?

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