Sex and the Great Suffusion

Aside from the rather creative universe accessed via the doorway inside my head, I have that sensual rapport of body, accessed via intention I suppose, though dreams prompt it as well.

I think of all the types of psi that I’ve done either spontaneously or, deliberately but very casually (it’s not RV), energy-rapport with another person is probably the one I feel most confident about being able to invoke at will. Obviously, a positive rapport on both sides is needed, though. I don’t know that it isn’t workable otherwise, it may well be, it’s just that without the former situation I have no desire to get that close to someone.

There is no way to describe how well lust transfers psychically. (Anybody who fears psi, who thinks it’s some passive self-contained stand-alone phenomenon, should just quit reading now.) How it intensifies like a thick red cloud of trance-inducing affection and suffuses your body, settling in the lower two chakras like a lover taking up permanent psychic residence deep inside you.

I wonder what energetic side-effects this kind of bond has.

Gods. I love it!

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