September First

Today was my mother’s birthday. She died when I was 9. For some reason, I don’t even remember when she died, but on her birthday every year, I feel very much like I miss her. Funny… she would be 71 today if she had lived. That’s pretty old. I’ll be 42 in 13 days, on the 14th. Last year this time I was immensely depressed on my birthday. Here’s hoping this one goes better.

I blogged about an elemental mythical creature I met inside this morning, over on Psiche. And gave an MP3 of a cool funk song.

I felt healthy when I finally got up. Stretched for awhile before even getting out of bed. Ate three eggs with sea salt and course cracked black pepper. As of Monday I’m beginning a new 12-week cycle of effort toward better health but I feel this morning as if something has begun already, inside me. Have the urge to go outside and breathe fresh air. I’m not sure what to do outside though, funny as that sounds. I need to take up some kind of hobby that gets me outside I think.

Time to wake up the kid, who stayed up far too late reading a book… she’s a reading freak, like I was as a kid.

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