Rising from the Dead

Today is Easter. Today is the day we celebrate a really nice guy who allegedly was beat up, murdered, and then ascended in a singular rapture that reverberates culturally around our planet 2,000 years later.

I met him once. Jesus, I mean. But it was only for a few instants in a psychic sense, and even that nearly overloaded my heart chakra. Another half-minute and I might have been off saving the planet in some overgrown 4th world country.

Fortunately it was just enough to completely screw up my personal religion: I grew up Christian, but intuitively I always felt that ‘the Christ’ was something to model, admire, rapport with, but not to ‘worship AS’ God. Needless to say, my church was not pleased about this. They suggested I pray but the more I prayed, the less I believed it, until I finally decided that was my answer.

Later in life I got extremely cynical about organized religion. Yet there he was. So what did that mean, I wondered? That all the BS I thought I escaped from is true? Or….?

I am not sure where the borders to angels, entities, thoughtforms, godforms, deities, etc. might be. Seems pretty fuzzy and nefariously confusing to me. The only thing I’m sure of is Jesus; and Archangel Michael; and that I have a ‘higher self’ I sometimes call ‘The Blue Eyes of Soul’; and what I call ‘my Elementals of Soul’, where I perceive as the 4th.

What chess piece or monopoly square or flow-chart organizational managerial totem-pole-power structure each of these identities fits into in my world, your world, or the universe…. I have no idea.

But today is Easter. So I’m going to consider it a happy day, and an analogy with the rising of ‘awareness’ in all of us. I will start a new blog (Psiche) that I’ll only post on occasionally with the esoteric bizzaro stuff I can’t post on my other blogs lest all my more respectable friends freak out.

If they only knew.

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