Reich and Timewave Zero

I just had this totally left-field “AHA!” moment realization.

Many know Reich, who is most famous for his ‘Orgone’ energy stuff I suppose, though he was also quite brilliant as an analyst.

His book ‘The Nature of the Orgasm’ is very interesting. Take off the sexual component we assign to that for a minute. Basically he suggests that if you study the world, every single thing has ‘cycles’. It builds up, and builds up, energetically, until it reaches some crescendo, peaks, and then falls back down again. From ocean tides to herd populations, there is pretty much nothing I can think of in our world, from microscopic biology to macroscopic sociology, where this pattern does not exist.

Timewave Zero is the McKenna brothers’ mathematic computer modeling of their projected “novelty” (‘change’) for the human race/earth/whatever (sorry to be unclear but I didn’t read the whole book and that was eons ago). Basically, based on their models, they projected that the “degree of novelty” was going to get more and more exponentially extreme, until at the very end it pretty much went off the charts into a sort of maximum. Curiously, their timeframe for this was something like December 21, 2012, at 5:59:59 AM (and some sub-seconds). (I forget what timezone that is. Zulu maybe? Buy the book.)

Now many people might recognize that as the infamous “Year of Ending” of the Mayan calendar.

I just realized: it’s an orgasm. It’s a cycle. TIME has the SAME cycles that everything else does.

I know that’s a very weird thought. But then I’m kinda weird.


P.S. This hit me just between pondering whether CFPARAM would validate form input data for team-based tasking better than dynamic IF statements or in-form javascript, and wondering whether just putting in my default datetime value (12/21/2012 5:59:59 AM) would suffice and if they screw it up, just making it easy to edit. Who says that programming is not a tool of insight? 😉

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