Psychic Families

A dream:

I met a man who had been (and/or was, but I think ‘had been’) a viewer in ‘the program’ (US gov’t program). I had never known of him, and was very surprised to discover his role there and meet him. I saw him so clearly visually, it was just mind boggling! He had dark hair, and he was a really big guy.

There was a woman who had grown up feeling like an orphan, and then it turned out he was her father. But later, more than once I heard myself saying to somebody, “My uncle was part of that program. What are the odds?!”

I kept going back around him, and he acted like he couldn’t decide if he was really happy to meet me, or felt weird about it for some reason I wasn’t clear on.

At one point, he picked up a couple offbeat things in his hand. I felt that one was fire and one was wind, somehow, yet they were objects. He began walking off (to go use them). I realized that they were used as a prop during psi, in a sort of negative RI kind of way. He realized that I realized, and he looked at me sadly, like that wasn’t who he wanted to be, and yet was.

I saw that a friend was online. I was in the TKR forum yet somehow there was a chat right on the front of it, too. I tried to tell him how this guy turned out to be related to me, how he was an expert viewer, how amazing and weird it all was, but every time I tried to type something to him, bizarre symbols came out instead of letters… so I couldn’t communicate.

I found that I was staying (living) with this man, who was going to have some hand in working with me (on psi). But it was a bit of a rude surprise, as first thing, he actually expected me to get up in the morning and exercise! — which I protested greatly, as I saw no relation to RV for this. It turned out he could be quite the dominating bellowing bully when he chose to be. Grouchily, I prepared to get out of bed and exercise.

And then I woke up. Heh.

I suppose my mind is making up some symbols to relate to my change of focus, or something.

{note posted much later: that ‘identity’ in the dream, an archmed later named as ‘Ben’.}

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