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I was reading a post on a friend’s blog and it reminded me of one of the cooler old tech dreams. I’m actually writing part of this dream into a novel funny enough, or a small facet of it anyway. This is one of the dreams that are ridiculously linear and detailed — and seem much more like “sitting in on another life” than just ‘a dream’.


I was ‘an aspect of’ a man. Rather like The Four and how we work in multiple lives. I was sort-of him, but also separate. The man was an engineer but in a very advanced way, and he was an inventor.

He had invented this technology that was very cool. Basically what it did is, it ‘felt out’ all the ‘contiguous space’ of a given area at the atomic or molecular level. You could ‘set’ the tool to a max area and to ‘find the boundaries’ kind of like graphics programs do. This was the first thing it did; it could measure and then create (with an interface to a computer) a perfect ‘map’ of the exact ‘space’ inside any open object or structure.

In the example he/we gave to someone, he used the motor home that he actually lived in to demonstrate. It created a map of “the atomic space” of everything that was not “solid” (to a certain degree I don’t understand now) inside the motor home. The point of the boundaries and map-borders elements was so that it didn’t just go through the openings where every door closed for example, and try to map the whole parking lot, but would ‘understand’ that the doors/windows/floors were meant to be ‘boundaries’. It would seal the boundaries if set for that.

The second thing this technology did was, and this related to its atomic or molecular measure somehow, it could project — literally distribute, as-energy yet it was actually solid when it formed — any (or at least many) molecular signatures. By which I mean, let’s say that copper is a certain kind of molecule(s). It could ‘project’ copper into any ‘shape’ you wanted — including into the INSIDE of things which were not open. How it did this I’m not sure. It did not actually have copper inside it. It was like it just had information on the ‘signature’ of copper and could project that ‘in energy form’. But when the energy form was projected it manifested as the literal thing. Almost zero-point energy I guess, something from seemingly nothing.

He had sold this technology to a government contractor company that was really excited about it. They were using it to project a ‘coating’ into the inside of these things sort of like large ball bearings that were going to be used in a new space travel technology, as well as some military applications. His tech allowed an absolute ‘coating’ on the inside or outside of anything, literally so not even a molecule was uncoated (and so you could even coat something as thinly as 1-molecule-deep). I had the feeling that somehow in the ball bearing things, it actually related to a coolant-sealant use.

He was a brilliant and creative man, but a little odd and very independent and a little bit paranoid. He didn’t trust the people who bought the tech for their various physics and engineering uses and he chose to live alone in his traveling motor home and work on his ideas and inventions, even though he was offered many times a full lab and staff and so forth.

The device was a few feet wide and tall. It was white, and shaped like a large “M”. Except the middle was equal with the legs. // shape basically. And when he used it, he held it turned vertically and by the bottom/middle. As if it were a two-point gun, one higher one lower, where the knees or ‘top’ of the M became the projection-points.

He discovered when mapping human bodies (often without people’s knowledge, pointing at people in parks with his device), that oddly enough, the younger the person, the more ‘cohesive’ their energy appeared to be (like their particles). After some experimenting with plants, he/we discovered that the combined technology of the two things it could already do, actually resulted in a third really amazing and frankly offbeat application for it.

The simplified way to say this is that it was able to ‘map’ all the (atoms, I think, it could be molecules but it felt like atoms at the time) in a given shape, and then map the SPACE between them (that’s why I think it was molecules–atoms seems too small for that to be possible!). It was just a small variant on what it already did. That was the first half; that it mapped a given thing and its space. That was how he found that the older someone got, the more their energy seemed to wander and expand and get looser.

And then using the second thing the tech did, it would “reduce the space” between all the particles so that atomically, the structure was much more “coherent and succinct.” Weirdly, this did NOT actually change the outer size, shape, or weight of a thing — at all. It seemed exactly the same. But it DID seem to have a significant health improvement on plants. Which led to animals, and then bigger animals. Everything seemed to feel vastly better after this had been done. They were more active, seemed younger and brighter.

He realized that he could free himself from dependency on the government-related customers that he kind of feared, if he could sell this to the commercial market. He finally tried the tech on a few dying people, who were hugely improved, and then finally tried it on himself, and he couldn’t believe how great it was. He felt 10 or more years younger, more energetic, brighter mentally, everything. After thinking about it, he literally believed that it made people younger in some fashion.

He went to a few celebrities that he had met incidentally in previous times and told them about what he had. He used it on himself to demonstrate, and sometimes on an animal as well. A few of them were willing to try it, and he had the feeling mostly because, since they could not SEE anything happening (I mean there were no bolts of lightning or anything!) they probably underestimated just how drastic a physical effect the tech was capable of.

But once they had tried it, they were agog, and nearly religious about promoting the tech to all their friends–in a world where youth and energy are the big things, he had something that actually seemed to improve health while having better effects than any drug and was almost a sort of ‘youth’ tech. He started making a whole lot of money, despite it was illegal and not official, selling treatments with this tech to people with a lot of money to spend on it.

When I translated this it came through with a lot of “graphics” symbology, but I think he actually had some himself. For example he referred to this process he used on the body as “resampling”. And much like when you take a slightly fuzzy image and resample it a bit smaller in an image program, it actually improved the clarity of the borders and lines and so forth, and his ability to ‘find the boundaries’ of various things with the tech seemed to help that.

One day though, he realized something was wrong. He could feel it in his body, after he had given a demonstration to someone. He went back to his RV and used the device to ‘read’ his body and was staring at it on something a lot like a laptop. He was thinking that he was going to die. He had just done this way, way too often on himself, as part of constant demonstrations, although he wondered to himself if maybe he was kind of avoiding facing the fact that it felt good so he had taken to doing it so often “for good reasons”–but maybe, in truth, almost as a drug. He pondered the look of the details on his scan, zooming in and looking in particular at his arteries and organs. He could feel something profoundly wrong, and he could sort-of see it in the scan.

He had been resampled too much. There is a certain degree of this where eventually you start losing quality instead of gaining it, at least in his application. Maybe, he thought, there is such a thing as too LITTLE space between the particles. But he didn’t think that was it, given how little newborns, whether human or animal, had. It actually seemed more like an abstract idea to him, as if his heart had been resampled so many times that it had begun to forget that it was a heart, and although it had taken the ‘shape’ of a heart, and it was all the right materials, that some kind of body-integrity, some kind of potential individual-intelligence of the various body parts, was being lost. As if you were altering a person’s identity a little bit every time you did this–but on the body level–until eventually the body didn’t know who, or in this case what, it was anymore.

He could feel that he was dying. It was slow. But he could feel it. He felt an odd sense of fatalism about it, as if the effect on his body was so profound that his body had already made peace with his mind about it, and he knew it was already so; it was just a matter of time. Minutes. Hours. Days, maybe. But not long.

He drove to an area. Sent a message to someone who could find him. Wrote up his results and conclusions in his notes so that the lesson wouldn’t be learned for nothing. He laid out on the bed in his motor home and set the device to resample him one more time.

He joined me in watching his body from several feet away. We understood that his body was no longer alive. It was perfect. It looked in every way as if he were the picture of health in fact. No medical authority would be able to figure out why he died. It was if he simply ‘did’. They would be forced to rule heart failure merely because obviously it stopped, but there would be no sign of why.

He thought it had been an interesting life, but it was time to go.

And then I woke up.

Those long, linear, detailed dreams always move me deeply for some reason.


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