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I was rereading this blog entry from firedocs, though it originated at the old dojo blueblog and just got stored on FD when I closed djb:

I feel, lately, like I need to return to this at least a little. Like I need to ground, shut up, find my center, and reconnect–so I can again better recognize–the “feel of truth”.

Psychically, before I was into psychic work (and so, alas, didn’t do anything useful or deliberate with it), I went through a couple stages of this. I could “feel” truth so clearly, as if it were a quality that something inside my body recognized, that even in reading a letter, article or book, I believed I was “aware” of where a different person had inserted a word, where the author had revised a phrase, where someone else had done so, and that was just the feel of the content.

Below that, I also believed I could feel the “degree of truth” (I called it “the red thread of truth,” but I have no idea or memory now of why I called it that) running through it. I think most people at least sometimes have this experience, of reading something and feeling like, “I feel in my gut there is something to this. I don’t know what part of it might have truth in it, but something is here.”

I can’t think of anything more fundamental for people involved in shamanic, psychic or spiritual work than this “awareness”. The previous dream in that blog entry explained why; basically, that only when we really paid attention to the ‘feel of truth’ did we start to become aware of it (and its lack) in other things we encounter.

The problem is that the more I focus on “utter integrity” the less I want to talk.

Which is really inconvenient in the modern world.

(See the book “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. Though written VERY simply for the mass public, it is a nice little book for the basics used by magickians, sorcerors, and those advanced in other fields such as martial arts or metaphysics, though every tradition has its own approaches to it and words for it.)

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  1. You just need to work out what parts are the truth and what parts are bullshit. The best way to do this would be to test it out for yourself

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