Meditations for Remote Viewing: Ideas?

I’m mapping out a ‘summer meditation list’ here. Having just spent six months on the hardest archetype meditation I’ve ever done–which took six sessions and that long to ‘get around to’ finally working through–I’m feeling rather enthusiastic now about getting back on track with more regular meditations. Among the other zillion areas I focus on, this time I want Remote Viewing to be firmly on the meditation map.

I thought it might be interesting to address each of the major ‘problems’ that can happen in/with/to a remote viewing datasession. In other words, to see if meditating on those points might bring anything from healing to insight about it. One thing is sure, it can’t hurt; nothing else solves session problems which are unpredictable. (If they were predictable, you could prevent them!)

So I’m trying to make a list of each key aspect, crux, area of RV that I should put on the list. I’m glad for any suggestions.

Simple list of ‘potential issues in RV sessions’ that I have so far:

  • Inaccurate data point (perceived clearly but does not match target) (problem in raw-data and/or ‘noise’)
  • Accurate data points which are perceived inaccurately or incompletely (problem in processing data)
  • Accurate data points, perceived accurately, but communicated inaccurately or incompletely (problem in communicating data)
  • Irrelevent data which are strongly perceived (problem could be a few areas, who knows)
  • Important data which are not perceived (problem could be a few areas, who knows)
  • Good session on what is obviously a different target (problem in target acquisition)
  • Inability to make clear contact/ get sufficient or specific data (problem could be a few areas)

What am I missing? Email me or reply here as a comment. I’d like to try and work out some fairly quick and simple visualizations to approach each of these areas, and then work on applying any of them relevent after each session. Just to see if it’s helpful at all. I’ve always said that ‘psychological integration exercises’ and other “internal efforts” were important to RV but so far I don’t have many of them. I’d like to work out a few and see if any pan out as worthwhile.



  1. I use remote viewing when I do my dowsing. I first dowse the persons home and bedroom for under ground streams using my “L” rods, finding out which side of the bed the person sleeps on, mapping the streams, and if nescary the whole house. This I do from my kitchen table before I go anywhere. I once did a house in the US and the guy freaked out by the map I sent him he said he was going to move!All I have to do is ask the “L” rods a question, yes or no, and go from there. I have been doing it like this for years, and don’t need to meditate to get the results. (Although I do meditate)Yo can check out my blog if you wish,Noel Rea.

  2. Newbie here but having great fun on rv targets dot com – every session i learn so much, much sifting through mental embroidery vs "looking" – i can tell the difference a lot easier now, one thing i noticed also is if i get "black screen" or "nothing" i've bypassed it – so i look back at my very first (sometimes real quick) impressions and bingo there it is.

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