MARS Anomaly, Remote Viewing

OK, this is the fourth and final video that TKR (via L Digges) put out for its July “Summer 2009 Remote Viewing Expo”. This is based on two group-tasks (“Missions”) done on the same anomaly photographed on the planet Mars and released by NASA. Really very interesting. There was a ton of good session data that couldn’t make it into this video, so check out the sessions, which would be here (you’ll need to log in):

This is my favorite video of the four — I think it totally rocks.


  1. Love. It. LD should be doing this professionally! But after I watched it, my mind kept wondering when Tenthousandroads, The Movie, would be coming out! I think it's cuz you usually only see that level of advertising for something like an upcoming movie.

  2. Hey – great vid – certainly a fascinating structure. The day we find that hominid like fossils have allready been found, will make all of us look differently at Mars. A planet I have no doubt, that was once like Earth. Love to know what sort of biological entities you've seen there. Xxhange notes perhaps. Keep up the wonderfull work you are doing for art, beauty and human consciousness.

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