July is almost over.

Saturn is now out of retrograde. Hallelujiah.

Haven’t been able to meditate worth a darn. Every time I start I either end up in a daydream or asleep. Will try again tonight.

I’ve also been really lazy about using any method — experimental or standard — for my last week of RV. Not sure why. I am probably being p/a for some reason. Need to do more short exercises to shake it out of me.

Had a bizarre dream that CF was sucking up to IS and all the efforts J and I were making (in the dream) to do something publicly good for RV and viewers were eventually greatly negated by some negative public thing done by CF. This struck me as funny when I woke up, since I had not been thinking of she or IS at all in eons so it was a bit out of the blue.

(In a funny sync, I just finished writing that paragraph, and switched windows to add the feedback to a session before I forgot and so I could link to it here in my next paragraph — and saw a note on the dojo chatmat that CF had entered. No clue who CF is. I don’t even look at the users, I ceased to have a clue like 3400 people ago who anybody might be. But it’s like it’s haunting me lol.)

Finished the starlight session. Really sucked! Didn’t feel any sense of contact, so even when I had it, I was so busy fighting the data lest it be aol, that I trashed my own session. I resisted the boat aol SO beautifully … The awful result is here. (Unreadable, as well.) Ah well. You win some, you lose some. I’ve been working with LD as tasker fairly regularly and it’s getting harder to come up with sessions for him and others and starlight and TKR and now…

Radical RV officially opened today and the first task opens tomorrow the 31st. This is a small viewer group for non-/limited-feedback tasks. My friends and I joke it’s the one place where all our sessions will be amazingly accurate hahaha. Two tasks a week. Everyone gets to task. 1 session per six weeks required. We use TKR’s tools for posting sessions. We want to keep it small but I’m up for a few more people joining if anybody’s interested.

I’ve been working on TKR stuff each night after work. Trying to finish some “offsite tasker” features designed to make viewer-groups in Yahoo far more fun and less bother, and some baby-bot, simplified versions of Taskerbot, so people can task themselves (mix it up), task friends, do ‘tandem’ practice, etc. My laptop died and I get sick of sitting in my chair so many hours so I’m doing less all the sudden. Maybe in the 2 weeks while it’s getting warranty-replaced, I will finish the Wheel of Time series. I quit reading in early book 8. Need to finish up to 11 and the prequel so I can send them off to someone else, am trying to keep my house in minimalist mode and get rid of stuff.

Speaking of which, my birthday is Sep 14, and I know that no matter what I say sometimes people online will send me stuff, which is incredibly sweet. I’m trying so hard to keep stuff out of my house I recommend JellyBelly jellybeans. No puns about the size of my butt, now. They’re yummy and unlike chocolate they don’t melt in Oklahoma’s indian summers, and most importantly, they do NOT take up room in my house. Unless you are counting my girth. But let’s not. Please.

Meanwhile, Joe McMoneagle is finally using his blog (here) regularly, the last couple days and the next couple days he’ll be posting. I’m encouraging people to comment, to encourage him to realize someone is paying attention. You know if we can ever get this guy talking more about RV, it’ll be invaluable; there is more stuff in his head than most the entire field has available combined everywhere else. (He’s a nice guy, too; you’d like him if you knew him.)

Well, Ry is demanding I come do something with her before sleep. Yeah, she’s up late as usual. I hope that this school year I can vastly “regulate” the whole eating sleeping schedule for her, I think it would help her so much, not to mention the issue of my sanity. For now, she is waiting on math practice and some hangman games, so I gotta go. Hell hath no fury like a 9 year old ignored.

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