Independence Day

Today is my official independence day: my husband, as of late last night, is out of the country, and permanently out of my life aside from visits-to-kid. Thanks be to God.

I feel like I have lost a ton of weight from some unspecified part of my body, as if we hold some ‘astral’ sense of weight with things that ‘weigh us down’. I could look at this as losing 195 lbs overnight. I feel great!

It’ll take me at least a month just to clean up the unbelievable amount of STUFF he over-occupied the main room (and largest bedroom) with, but I’ll do it.

And after two months of ice and snow, and 8 cats stuck in the house all the time, I decided to get tough about them at the same time. He went to the airport and they got thrown out to live in the garage. It has a couple HAC vents out there, food, water, litterboxes, and a cat-door in the window so they are free to go in/outdoors. I let the little fragile one with no body fat stay inside, but when it warms up, she can go out too.

Already the house FEELS significantly different.

I’m so happy.

I sang, “Hit the ROAD, Jack! And don’tcha come back! No more, no more, no more, no more!” all the way home from the airport.

I think I’ll go clean something.


  1. Good for you!!You sound so happy about the situation it must surely be a good thing.Have been in similar scenario myself and not only felt lighter but actually lost loads of weight…this was heaven.Hope you adjust ok as any seperation(however wanted)takes time……

  2. WOOOOHOOOOO! Free AT Last! Free At Last! OK You’ll be hitting some burning bush moments for sure! CALL ME OR WRITE ME if you do! I dont CARE if it is midnight! LOLBut then you have a virtual ARMY of supporters out here! You know that right????LOLI’m rooting for the dance room idea too! Hey! I need your mailing address- Again! Yep Me’s a big dope! I lost the slip of paper I had it on!Am meeting Paul in Key WEird in two days! Arghh! Had two moles cut off me. One was basal cell but its gone now. Having loads of catch up conversations with sister tedi. This is really good. Paul just called and he is in Amman! They were chased and took fire from the damned IPs! Hey! We’re the good guys assholes!’ Turns out they had some militias insert themselves into the damned convoy! So they were probably shooting at them but oif course- its all in the same convoy! Geeesh! Man I am so damned releiveed that he got thru safely. We wont worry about it again for at least ten days!write me when you can wencharita! I’ll be ready to bug you about the mermaid blog when i return I FOUND my old pics! Woo hoo! Major Hugs to you and Ry!

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