Fundamental Dreams

My dreams have sure been offbeat lately. Had “normal” dreams last night, by which I mean, nothing cosmic-sized or mind bending, just stuff that is probably archetypal, symbolic, and representing some fundamental stuff in me.

I was in a world like this, a feeling of future. Many people were… no more. Some official entity was sort of moving people across the continent in trucks and trains and more. Some woman told me she heard they were putting people in these clothes that had this long nearly unbreakable cord around the neck of it and that they were hung up by this later; stupid scary stories, I scoffed. Later they came and handed out these heavy cotten baggy overshirts, an ugly light blue, with impossibly long thick tie-strings around the neck. The woman looked so mournful.

So I escaped, and I was moving in the same direction they were, as we had to escape some bizarre geology process. I was trying to stay out of getting captured; there were so many people involved nobody really knew I was an escapee because I guess it didn’t occur to them, the authorities were ‘helping’ people, people weren’t arguing about that. I hitched rides in (and on) trucks and trains and jeeps and more.

Every time it would seem like we had enough time, I would hear this odd sound, and smell this odd smell, a sort of burning steam that reminded me vaguely of the smell in a gym ‘sauna’ room and a sound sort of like a ‘muffled rumble-hiss’. And I would look around and run over to where it was coming from to see, and actual magma would be breaking through the ground in that place, usually just a few inches of strip, sometimes a few feet. This was not a volcano. I mean, this was ordinary land. But I understood that somehow, magma was starting to come through the land, come up through normal ground like water coming through seams in a badly sealed boat, and that’s why everybody was moving, was to stay ahead of it, stay safe. And I would keep moving on.

I figure this dream must suggest that something fundamental is going on with me (the ground), and potentially that subconscious or deeper stuff is coming to the surface. Not good or bad, just weird when it takes on dream imagery.

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