Frequency, Dimensions and Entities

The next few posts may not make much sense, because I’m using the blog to think-on-paper and try and work through something chewing on the back of my brain. (Ewwww.) Too many things at once that complicate it yet they all sorta relate. Must wade through them in text so I can eventually re-read and then better put the pieces together. I will try and keep each major topic-group together in a separate post, then when I’ve got them all down, I’ll post on the REAL question that they all relate to.

In my perception during my Bewilderness era, just about everything came down to vibrating energy and different frequencies, different beat-patterns of the sine wave of a given frequency, etc. Probably to physicists this all makes perfect sense. To me, it just meant an infinite number of probabilities, possibilities, realities, energies, entities, identities, timelines, etc. I called it “Jungian Stew,” the universe I was just one tiny piece of carrot in the midst of, swirling around as it boiled and bubbled (in toil and trouble, as the witch’s brew song goes)–confusing even on a good day; crazy-making on bad ones.

I haven’t got any answers when it comes to entities and aliens and other realities and past/future times and so on. I know what I experience. Sometimes there is some consistency there. That may be more about me or my interpretation than the things I experience. Sometimes there is not consistency. To this day I have the same question that I had 13-15 years ago: what do all these thinhgs have to do with one another?

How does this tie into the bizarre situation of ‘time’ seeming to move in every direction, not just the one we know in this world, and of ‘reality’ seeming to be basically infinite, limited only by attention, observation, awareness?

Because for me, all these things seemed to come either through the same doorway, or state of mind, or generally the same timeframe, I kept waiting to see if it’d be clear, eventually, how they related to each other.

Why did the light-beings and the cat-eyed lizard guys and the greys and the blondes and the tall red-dusky sorts etc. seemed to be different, with different agendas in some cases, but some working together in other cases? But that’s the EASY ones: those, at least, all fall into the ‘alien’ category. Simple. Let me put a label on that little file-folder. “These are aliens.” I feel better now.

Now there’s the creature kind of like a human but all brown and with a face that sticks out sorta like a horse’s. Then there’s the creature that vaguely reminded me, in form only, of one of the characters in the later-levels of the first version of the videogame DOOM: about 70% of its body is legs, as if there are two knee points instead of one, and the leg goes up and then bends back downward toward the hip, creating giant ‘haunches’. That one had a fine grey and white pinstriped skin all over, and a human face, though it was odd, with a dominant center of thin face, reminding me vaguely of a few jewish men I’ve known. The eyes were terrifyingly feral-but-intelligent. Nature creatures fall in here, like the dryads and so on. Those are what I call the ‘shamanic’ creatures. I’ve seen tons of different kinds of these, but my brain (I finally concluded) can’t “hold the pattern” until I’ve seen them repeatedly, just because they’re so different I guess. Can I call those shamanic? Sure. Let me make another folder here… alrighty. That category is all sewn up.

Then there’s the creatures of the Aethyrs. These start with archetypal occult creatures (I suppose), like the one that had the bottom half of a male human, the upper half of a female human, and the head of a ram, with horns, and something on its head, rather like fruit. (To you it is, but to me it is not, and in Truth it is something else, it explained when I asked about that.) Then there are the other archetypal creatures like the incubus and succubus and other human-like (but not-quite-exactly) creatures that you can “feel” astrally (and that can frighten you into paralysis, or use a level of sleep paralysis as opportunity), most of which seem to want our energy (sex, whether direct or abstract, seeming to be the primary means of share/transfer). I call them creatures of the Aethyrs partly because it’s mostly occult stuff that talks about these, but also because way-back when human writings had a little more about them, they rather liked variants on the words “Ethers” as if the air itself had layers. OK, this folder is “Aethyrs,” and that category is all neat and clean now.

Alrighty. So we’ve got aliens over in the first corner, and astral entities over there in the second, and shamanic beasties over in the other corner, and me as a human in the fourth. Then we’ve got the seeming ‘light-beings’, and whether these fall into the religious/astral (angelic) or alien (pleiadian) category I guess depends on which of them you’re talking with.

This is entirely complicated by a few facts, like:

1. Many of these have been around longer than our species.

2. They’ve been around HERE, albeit not working at wal-mart.

(Wait. If you’d seen the staff at my local super walmart, you could probably argue this point and win, but never mind.)

3. Which means they are less alien than WE are.

But the real brain-crunching part comes from the following:

You can access any or all of these “identities” — ‘doons, as I used to call them in my early days — through the same ‘doorway of consciousness’. Although some seem to “intrude upon our physical reality,” that is usually temporary, and often doesn’t need to be repeated, since it appears implants allow a bilocation ability that makes actually parking a craft next to your neighbor’s Volvo unnecessary. And, it’s not unusual that people with experience with any one of these ‘categories’ of creatures, eventually has experience with the others.

Because they all come through the same doorway for us (generally), it’s pretty difficult to figure out what separates them from one another.

Maybe everything has its own physical reality just like we do, in its own frequency; maybe the aliens are nothing more than those ‘closer to our frequency’ than others, so better able to be here physically or affect us physically etc.

Whether the so-called aliens understand the issues with time and dimensions–and all those other entities–I don’t know.

I wonder, is accessing ‘the homeland’ of a given type of entity, merely a matter of frequency? Finding the beat pattern and place on the sine-wave that they inhabit, and somehow getting your attention there?


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