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One time I was working on applying feng shui to my house when I realized—well at least it made sense to me at that moment—that feng shui was like astrology on a local scale. That having a fire element in your water zone is like a… transit. Like having your Mars moving through Pisces or whatever. (I know so little of astrology I can’t even guarantee a good analogy.)

Recently I was thinking about how all things come in cycles, including relationships. And that not only do we have times where we are closer or farther away from someone, but when one occludes the other, eclipses the other, when both are in a favorable geometry vs. an opposition, etc. It occurred to me that maybe one reason astrology works well on relationships of all kinds (including our relationship with certain life-wide energies, going back to feng shui now), perhaps is because at some level, it’s not actually about relationships. But rather, is about… orbits.

This may be fanciful but I think it will be useful tied into archetype meditations.

I haven’t viewed in days. I’m a tree sloth! Pond scum! Burnt toast! I know. Between such exhaustion I fall asleep sitting up and when I do have time, not having “reasonably” uninterrupted peace (e.g., I can type in the midst of chaos, but don’t bother to view in that, I’m lucky enough to view decently without chaos lol) it hasn’t worked out, but then I must be in denial because we all know that any evasion of viewing that lasts more than 48 hours and does not involve an NDE is just denial, right?

I’ve been doing massive work to rearrange my house. Among other things, this weekend we are building this very cool bed (I didn’t get headboard/sidetables just the platform w/drawers) as my room is so small, this helps get rid of dresser and shelves—last night we weren’t finished when we took a break and I climbed into a temporary bed fully clothed and passed out pretty quickly.

I admit I have done some brief meditations but not too many. I got a much more substantial merge-effect out of the coalition as I jokingly call them—the coalition of my soul, vs. the four primary elementals I’ve known until now—I think we are closer now. For what it’s worth… I don’t know yet, what the point of it is, but really what’s the point of anything, even the Four?

When the family opted (as often, sigh) for McDonald’s for a late lunch, I decided to get water and try their Asian salad. (I’m not sure McD’s should be allowed to use the word “asian.” Never mind that it means something diff here than in half of europe or asia for that matter.) To my utter astonishment, it’s actually good. I had mine with grilled breast of chicken (no breading) and sesame ginger dressing (Newman’s own). Which is a tad sweet (I have a gripe about all dressings seeming like desserts nowdays) but pretty good. The last fastfood salad I had was revolting, so I was amazed I liked this. McDonald’s back door is, I kid you not, about 200 yards from my front door. [A friend says, “for you, it’s a crawl-through window!” haha.] It’s hard to keep the fam from wanting to forage there for every meal; it’s just slightly farther away than the kitchen and a lot faster than cooking, I guess.)

The “someone else’s method vs. your own method” debate keeps going on over at TKR. Now that I’ve publicly admitted here that two of my sessions were interrupted with something which is at best metaphysics, I feel like I’ve been publicly branded an idiot and no longer have the right to opine about the subject. I suppose that’s the hazard of saying stuff out loud. Guess I better get back to viewing! Meanwhile I’m going to sign off here and meditate for a few minutes before my next obligation.


  1. red, the comments in the debate werent about you – they were a sly poke at the overall ‘freeform’ way of doing rv, with its airy floaty, spiritual way.Cmon Im the last person who could use anyones psi experiences with weird stuff against them – especially with what Im gonna publish and support with a message borad website.Stop being paranoid ;)daz

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