Dark Energy, maybe

A bit over an hour ago I woke up for work. I’m taking a break to write this down before I forget any more of it.

I dreamed about (of all people) Tom Cruise. I can’t imagine why. I haven’t even seen a media reference to him in some time and he is not really an actor I’ve anything special for (I like much of his work but so what), so it’s not like anything on my mind.

I dreamed that it was the future and he had a little girl who was about four, five years old, and a wife. He had this place he lived sometimes that was a big plot of land, kind of ranch-like where there’s tons of space, had a feel like it was “out of the way” of the coasts (maybe midwest).

He was outside in a rather more remote area of it, with his little girl, his wife either inside the house or somewhere else, when his little girl disappeared. Literally just, she was there one minute and there was nobody and nothing around but a couple minutes later he realized she was gone. He started searching and then got all freaked out and called someone to help search and before you know it, the whole world knows that his kid has disappeared and there’s search parties everywhere.

Time passes. Eventually, they find a body. They aren’t sure it’s hers, so the world is in suspense while they’re running some kind of check. Finally, the news announces it: the girl’s body had been found, she was dead. It appeared someone had kind of been stalking TC’s celebrity identity and had the opportunity and nabbed her.

I found myself there with TC as if I were some kind of spirit guide. His grief was so keen. He had such guilt about it as well, about her being taken while he was right there. His wife also was terribly grieving about it, more than him in ways that make sense for a mother. I “observed” her. There was another woman there, with light hair, who had come when they found the body. She reminded me of TC’s ex wife, the actress NK who honestly always struck me as cold somehow, she just has that look I suppose. I’m not sure if it was her or just someone I got the cold vibe from.

She hung around as a ‘counselor’ for T’s wife, seeming a saint for making such efforts to be with her and so on. But really, she was wicked. She was constantly, subtly implicating T in the event, constantly trying to drive a wedge between T and his wife who had enough issues just resulting from the situation.

When I finally woke up, I felt such a genuine sadness. I haven’t had a bad dream in awhile. I don’t know why I would have one like this, or what psychology, aside from typical today’s-world, mothers-worries sorts, would bring that symbology to me. I hope there is no hint of reality in it and it is just symbolic dreaming.

The feel as if I were some kind of guide though, is just like the feel I’ve had in other-lives memories when a different aspect of me is dominant. In those lives they are the primary-identity and I’m like a close guide. Why I would feel as if I had that relation to TC is utterly beyond me. Not to mention that I’m certainly hoping to be fully in the flesh when his existing daughter that I know about reaches that age. (!)

Anyway. I got set up for work and read my email and my Warder wrote saying he’d had this very unusual “dark dream.” I wonder if there is some shared energy there.

Go figure.


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