Birthday Bedroom

OK maybe this is a little materialist, but if you knew what grunge I’ve been living in and for how long you’d see why I’m fairly excited about my decision to find a way to get myself a decent bedroom for my birthday in a few weeks.

I’m getting this quilt. I love the colors, and the velvet/satin mix. The patterns could be better or more random personally, but I really like it for the colors and texture. It’s at for $70 (pillow shams are like $17ea or something). My bedroom is a small dark grungy pit and I think it’s long past time I feng shui’d it into something more like I want to live in.

And a simple wall sconce fixture and a lovely little stained glass shade that goes with the colors of the quilt (these from

That leaves only some primer and wallpaint, a couple pans, rollers and brushes and dropcloth and extender, and the gumption to get off my ass and paint my room. When I moved in 8 years ago the walls were so grungy it was like a bad welfare tenament. Needless to say, 8 years and cats and kids have not improved anything.

I like the rest of what’s in my room but it’s never been in a good setting. I really want to move stuff around though–must be a mood thing! The really fun part is moving my bed. I tried to move it the other day. I got a lovely bruise and it didn’t budge a single millimeter. It is a queen size captain’s bunk and it weighs a ton. (It is about as high as my waist with the mattress on.) I think I’m going to have to take out every drawer, take off the mattress which is really heavy on its own, and then see if I can move it. If my housekeeping help comes tomorrow I’ll have her move the drawers and we’ll try it. Otherwise it’ll wait a bit. I suppose worst case, my bed will simply not move! But I moved the fridge in the kitchen, all so I could put my bed against that shared wall with it gone (wouldn’t sleep in the electrical field).

My bedroom is really small (like 11×11 I think), it’s the smallest room in the house. I have a queen captain’s bunk (so, blessedly, no chest of drawers), from Two layers of 3 drawers per side (12 big drawers total). (But that’s all-no tables, headboard, etc.).

I have a small simple shaker slant-desk with a long padded bench. There’s other stuff but that’s all I should ‘need’, aside from my shoji lamp, fan/trash/laundry/scale, and guitar.

If I could get the bed to the other wall, the small amount of space below will be on the side of the room where the door opens, which will make the space much more useable, and make it much easier to get to the desk. I love my desk. It is my favorite piece of furniture aside from my shoji. All the wood in the room is maple-honey except the bench (which is dark cherry). If there were a little more LIGHT and COLOR in the room I think it would be really pretty! I spend my whole life in my room–much of my work is done sitting on my bed with my laptop, same for coding and internet. My room *ought* to be a really great place to be if it’s that big an environmental thing.

Meanwhile–total topic change here–ever since the pyramid/Gaia meditation I did (see my Psiche blog), I’ve felt… slightly different. Hard to be specific here because that happened just as I was starting the hormonal monthly cycle of Maternal Blessedness (…) so that means physical issues (cramps, some nausea, bloating) and some mental issues (I get into the no-sleep, won’t-eat, rather-manic coding phase) and frankly in the midst of all that junk it’s a little hard to pull out what might be different because of a meditation. But I feel I am. And Ry has said several times all week, “You are really acting weird,” and assured me last night that I am just very odd the last week. Not in a bad way, in a way that makes her giggle, but who knows. Anyway, so I don’t know if the sense of a need to shift and brighten and color and rearrange my room, I mean more than usual (now the feeling is overwhelming) is in part related to that, or not.

I just know that I was idly browsing in boredom through a magazine and the minute I saw the pic of the quilt I just felt like I HAD to do that, just ‘had to’. Not just an intellectual thing but a really sense of being driven-by-the-body to have those colors around me etc. (Interesting because usually it is yellow and gold — energy colors — that I crave. But I might add that somewhere, I have a velvet soft pirate’s cap in some print that looks a lot like an abstract version of that quilt–I bought the cap when I was like 18–so apparently I like the color scheme and haven’t changed much!)

Meanwhile… I’ve been coding my ass off on Taskerbot for days and days until my brain is fried. I found some bizarre bug in one of the tasking modules that really made me mad, because it’s rare and occasional and I can’t figure it out. So I’m just redoing the entire form/script and doing it differently this time, as a different kind of fix. But everything is SO much work and SO time consuming, gods. And I’m working on planning Dr. Tart’s upcoming PhP blog he wants to start, which I need to have together in a week or so, so he can work toward having it ready for his next book when it publishes. I wish I had more hours in a day!



  1. Wow, you’re on your way to a fabulous bedroom. I wonder if the meditation is trying to reflect the interior change in your exterior life. My kittens shredded my shoji screen, but I found a quick, cheap fix for ruined screens, so holler if you’re ever in need.

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