Astral Politics

Archived from the former firedocs blog. 31 March 2006

Kind of like ‘psychic’ politics but specific to dreams, I guess.

Following on my syndication of the Hair-Like Wire Brain Implant dreams, I had a dream today I think is a repeat of a few lately as well but this is the first time I’ve gotten fully clear on it.

In the dream, there are a small group of people who are attempting to learn more about me and manipulate me. Most are men but at least one is female. A ‘lead’ male attempts to get my attention and present something to me, usually something kind of dumb like he is trying to distract me, like to sell me something.

While he’s doing that, the other people are subtly sneaking around me, attempting to look all over and get behind me. I usually realize what the man is doing and sharply demand he move, and I move, so that I have them all in my range of sight.

Then I manage to get rid of them, all but the female who will be across the way acting as if she’s uninvolved and minding her own business (but really, she is part of their team). I go over to her and I tell her look, I am more open minded and flexible than most people give me credit for; I can let more slide than most people; but I cannot and will not abide anybody being dishonest with me or attempting to control me. That will not get the result desired, I assure you of it. This approach is not the right approach to be taking with me — at all. And she nods understanding and leaves and then I wake up.

So I’m thinking, this is such paranoia for a dream — I am not normally paranoid in my dreams but since this series is following the weird dreams I noted a few days ago (see 03/27/06 entry), I’m wondering if it’s related. What would make me paranoid? My life is fine right now. Nothing of relevence going on frankly. Some friends and family have health problems from minor to mortal or verging on it; that’s a bit of a recurrence in any adult’s life. Kid is ok in school, in karate. All 8 cats seem healthy and onry as ever. Husband is in a good mood with Spring and the gardening starting up again. All in all, life is just totally normal here in nowhere Oklahoma. So why the paranoid dreams?

Who knows. I mention them because I believe that recording anomalous things is good for posterity, for seeing one’s own psyche curve.

And because in my opinion I am one of the few people in the remote viewing field who are (at least via internet) in a position to influence others, and most the others in that position are Stark Raving Nuts frankly. So if I should go completely around the bend at some point, I want it documented for the good of other sane viewers what it is that took me there!

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