Angels and HAARPs

It was time to go do the weekly TKR Mission. I used the experimental approach I’ve been trying lately where I see the session as a relationship between me and the target.

I ended up calling my Inner Guide who recommended the same process as used for working with archetypes—that I use my energy to create some object that I place on or in the target. But I was sleepy and I kept kind of tuning out into zombieland initially. Finally, I got into the session, having spaced through actually giving over my “energy construct”, but apparently… some part of me, or the target, wasn’t going to let that slide. I had this archetypally- autonomous- experience where this giant structure, bigger than a vehicle but smaller than a house, came crashing down onto a street where I was standing, sliding right up next to me nearly like a plane crash, and it’s this big bizarre shape, and then I realize–kind of taken aback by the suddenness of all this–that it’s a giant cash register, drawer open! Like, Give it to me! Put it in here! hahaha!

Then I was sort of disconcerted. Wow. Just because I SAID interactive didn’t really mean I was ready for the target to be, er, that interactive. “Show me the money! You promised!” was the gist of it, except energy was the payment.

I had this brief wonder if every RV session is going to be an archetype meditation for me. This would have fairly enormous reality-impact.

Then I wondered if there was going to be pieces of me all over the universe thanks to me doing this archetypal trade with every target?? But that would be silly really, since I trade energy, atoms and attention and even healing with zillions of sources already, so how would it matter.

I had fun in the session. I really ‘felt’ it, I just LOVE the “experiential” kind of sessions. It’s in the galleries. I noticed in my presentation session, seemingly by accident—it just didn’t seem ‘so relevent’ to me when doing the gathering for that presentation—I left out some data that I suppose some would consider negative. Then I had this guilt trip about whether I am morally obliged to share at least if I’m doing public session work with others in the public. I still am not sure how I feel about it. Finally I posted it along with the orig here.

Anyway. Not perfect but not bad, though a bit on the wordy and symbolic side, but still enough fun to inspire me to do it more regularly. I think I will stay with this particular approach for at least a few weeks. My last experiment ended up with me unable to hit the broad side of a barn for nearly a month, it was just horrible. But then, that’s what experimenting is about I guess.

I thought the moment in the session where I saw what I thought was a female angelic was interesting, given the name is HAARP. Heh. I’m easily amused I guess.

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