Amphibians and Dreams

Well officially, my long spell of pitiful RV has ended. But really, it didn’t end, it just reduced enough that I could at least see target contact in the session. Which isn’t to say the session didn’t suck; that would be too much to ask apparently. Although I get a few visuals I track clearly to the session, I still seem to be getting a tad more than I ask for when I focus on “the target.” In the last session, in the middle of minding my own business, I recorded:

a strange frog with unusually black bottomless eyes just showed up and caused all my lymphatics to pulse, to say I am dehydrated. I said ok and he went away. for goshsakes.

While I’m pleased that my body is talking to me—and did I mention it was similar to the amazing froglike creature I met during my meditations in January?—still, during session I’d really rather get session data. Isn’t that the norm?

What are these funky metaphysical things bugging me for? I mean, if I could have a good session and before or after, do something metaphysical, sure why not. It leaves me bemused and exasperated when it’s all over. Like, “Well the session sucked but I did meet a weird froglike critter speaking on behalf of my lymphatic system so it wasn’t a total loss.” Ha!Ha! There just aren’t words for how bizarre that is.

Well, since I’m being new Age: I got a whole bunch of the best essential oils—Young Living—and to get the discount I wanted I had to sign up a distributor, though outside the initial package it doesn’t really cost me anything I wouldn’t spend anyway. These things aren’t just pretty smells, they are the best quality stuff around, genuine technology of nature in a bottle. The lavender is actual medicine it works so well, the result on wounds is such an improvement over the part left alone nobody would believe me trying to explain it. The lemon cheers me up just sniffing it, and I’ve been putting a variety of oils on my chest and wrists and sometimes palms and soles of my feet. Though they are strong, I think it relaxes my body being exposed to the smell over the long run of a day, it feels that way anyway, it creates a sort of blissful languid effect.

I feel strange lately. I was half asleep last night when I half-opened my eyes and looked into the eyes of my cat Cosmos, and I said—I have NO idea why—“I don’t want to die yet.” Go figure.

I had a dream I was in this intensely green orchard-like setting with these extremely orange things distributed through that might have been people and then there were these deep rich yellow pants—just pants, filled out, but no person in them!—walking around. I crack myself up ’cause I just have no idea what the heck any of this means.

Guess it’s time to start praying more proactively.

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