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I determined to do a meditation. “IG, you choose,” I said. “But I want it to combine what is best for my health, and my job, and my creativity, and my spirituality, and my viewing.” I laughed. “Not asking much, right!”

Earlier I’d listened to some binaural in earbuds and then slept, but I supposed that had mostly worn off. I named and paid attention to each of my chakras, then some of the other nonmain ones, and then to my Aeons, and then the Four, and I asked Sun to join me as a guide.

A really wide variety of visuals went in and out. “Mark,” I said, “Are we meditating?” heh. “We could be,” he answered, and I realized he meant, I wasn’t engaging. So I focused more.

I found myself looking down at this big crater-lake. There was some stuff around the edges on the inside about halfway up, too, like trees or something. The water seemed perfect. I was way above it. I wasn’t sure if that was what I was supposed to be there for. “Other things that are not my focus, make them blurry or opaque,” I said to myself, as I turned all the way around looking. Everything was out of focus except the deep lake below us, so I concluded that was it.

(I wonder if this approach could be used with static visuals in RV to get a handle on ‘which element’ is the one being shared, by making the others out of focus.)

I went down and stood at the top ledge of the crater, looking down. The water was about halfway up. I couldn’t see much else. I had the impression of trees from earlier, in the upper edges. I wondered about NLP tools and the “power tools” I’ve been given. It occurred to me that one of my tools was the lightning-glass from sand that was a bit of the power of IG, the sort of angelic looking driftwood glass thing that sits on the top of the back of my bookcase headboard. Curious, I called it to hand, and I held it aloft and said, “Show me the potential here.”

It was amazing. Suddenly it was like “revealed to me” was this whole “next-layer-in” of information which was trees and hollowed-out caves and even people I thought, all the way around the top half of the crater above the water line. The weird thing is, it didn’t feel like it ‘appeared.’  It felt like it had always been there and I’d just had another ‘layer of information unlocked’ for me or something. As if I could have been standing right in the midst of that and been oblivious to it but it would have been no less real. Except for me.

Sun and I became winged-humans and we flew down. As we got near the left side we could see people, exclaiming over us, kids running like crazy toward where we seemed to be headed. We landed, and the kids were all noisy and then quiet and staring and some adults reached us. I honor you, I said with a bow. I am Palyne, and this is my friend Sun. I wondered if they would react as all Guides have — like I’m an idiot for trying to introduce them to Sun whom they know already apparently — but they didn’t. They seemed friendly but curious and rather in awe that we had wings and that we were from anywhere ‘outside’ their oddly contained little world.

I asked them about the small caves around the top. They said a few times the water had come very high so when it receded they made more ‘higher’ caves just in case they were ever needed. They were literally digging out the side in little inlets is all. There was a surprising amount of foliage and trees and stuff all over, as if the wall was maybe set back a little above the water line so there was a little bit of ‘shore’ area. I looked for an inlet or outlet but there wasn’t one.

“What is the water like?” I asked them. They told me, while talking about it, that it had fish. I pondered. “How could it get fish?” I asked, I mean given it wasn’t connected to anything. They told me that what I translated as “the founder’s stories” (ancient myths) told of how that came to be. I said at some point before I left, perhaps, I might like to hear those if they were willing.

I wondered what the point of my being there was. I didn’t see anything “wrong” that I needed to fix. It didn’t seem like an archetype meditation. I think it was 3rd inside me who said, “You’re making assumptions again! Why do you assume it must be? Didn’t you tell him it was his to lead? Haven’t you been told before that the point is simply to interact? And what says there might not be something coming later that is more like an archmed?” I conceded this point, and tried to pay more attention and immerse myself without judgment.

They said something was coming, a word that meant, “a storm where the wind comes in and howls loudly and spins around the bowl of the world for awhile before leaving.” They all go into the caves when this happens. They mentioned that the only other place you could feasibly be was right in the middle of the lake. Apparently the wind doesn’t touch anything there, it creates an eye.

I was interested in that and four men offered to take me and Sun to the lake center for it, big grins, and we agreed. They had these little stiffs, super shallow long boats, and he and I each got into the middle of a separate one and they rowed out to the center. They said it happens just after sunset when it does, and it was eerie how fast the sun set, and I realized, because of being inside a crater-canyon, it was super abrupt for them. So then it was dark, and the wind came. It sure did make crazy noise. I told them it was a little scary, they grinned a lot. I wondered what could cause this, and we sat there for quite awhile as it rang around us.

There was a second anomaly that they said comes sometimes, along with the wind, an odd effect a little like our northern lights except this was more variety of color and very local, like ‘sparks’ right at the level where the crater reached flat land above. In my head I asked Sun to make it fun for them, and he made it more pronounced than usual, so the guys really had a great time in awe of it, and I had the sense that from in the caves the people were watching in some awe too.

I asked them what they called their world. It was like 20 syllables long. I asked if I could have a much, much shorter name. They used the first syllable, which felt something like Tief (sounds like teef, but feels-like I-E in middle).

And then it was over. They rowed us back to shore in the dark silence except their oars, and some fires came about at various places around the lake. I considered that all these people would be related and know each other although the foliage cover made each area around the side seem very much its own locale. I decided to leave, so when we got back I told them that and thanked them with much smiling, and Sun and I flew out.

I told IG that the people were really cool, and thanks for that. I had the odd feeling that if I were picky about source, I might discover that we’d just been inside a body cell or something. I find the “scaling” so confusing. I wonder if it’s possible that there is a lot more life basically “living in the inner-walls” of the cells than we realize.


We found ourselves in what seemed to be a cave. I didn’t really “feel like” “dealing with” a cave for some reason I couldn’t put my finger on, but decided that was really just a sign I should do it. I pulled out the wand and, in a nicely HP moment, said Lumos! — low, and the cavern lit up very softly. (What’s the point of interworld power tools that are wands if you can’t do magic with them?) We ended up walking through the caves for a bit, going deeper and darker and into smaller places, and I wondered if I was ever going to get to whatever the point was.

Finally we dropped into one area where we were sitting on a very rounded wall of sorts, made from that white drippy stuff, and looking down at a lower floor that had a tiny pool of sorts that was steaming. I wondered if it was a thermal thing. I had the idea that I should go down there and get into it, so I walked over there and tested the temp. It was hot, but not unworkable. “IG, is this ok for me to get in?” I asked. He agreed yes. So I slowly got into it.

Standing on the bottom, my head back, my face was perfectly at the surface, with every other part of me in the hot water. I could feel that the water was incredibly thick, as if it were that salt water. I had a feeling that this was very ‘cleansing’ on several levels. I realized that I felt “buoyant” which I never feel (I don’t fit into bathtubs, so this is a wonderful feeling, especially given my weight really needs that break from gravity, that I almost never get). And incredibly warm. I actually heard myself moan a bit physically and started laughing at myself, that this was in my head and yet my body was really enjoying it.

I decided to go with that, so I just relaxed into it totally, letting myself ‘feel’ my organs being buoyant, my body relaxing, the sense of cleansing. I actually did this for quite awhile. It was really groovy. I had the feeling that my body was responding as-if.

Finally I got out, and me and sun were sitting on the couch in the forest where IG’s base with me is. I realized I had never done an archmed. Maybe I needed that more, for some reason, I said to myself in some confusion. I wondered what the point of it all was, in the end.

And then I remembered the last major archmed I did with the sun. We had this whole experience of going up in a hot air balloon, and all the way to the sun, and in the end, we were back where we started, and I had realized that the whole point of all the stuff in between was just to get me to “be” with him, was just to keep my attention on something while I was busying be-ing. I realized that there was at least some degree of that involved here.

I think I still need to do a meditation. I almost said a “real” meditation but I feel IG in me telling me this is wrong-thinking. That this was as real as anything else.

I remembered a couple quotes from Alan Watts, who I read a lot when I was young, that I just put on my blog when adding some stuff to the design.

“You are an aperture through which the universe is looking at and exploring itself.”

In that model, there is no necessary ‘reason’ for any experience except the experience itself. I thought about how I seem to be over-serious about it, like it can’t be a “real” meditation if it’s not hard or hairy in some way. He also said:

“Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the gods made for fun.”