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I was able to get my thoughts calmed down a little more quickly tonight. I was about to ask IG if we would be doing something with “that world out there” outside the giant window, when I realized I was somewhere else.

I was standing in a rectangular warehouse-like room. Perhaps 30 feet tall and 40 feet wide and 80 feet long. I was standing near one edge, and it was utterly empty, ‘echoing with silence’, only slightly dusty not much, when something above me made me look up.

A line or wire was stretched from side to side, about 20 feet up, and a young boy about 12 or so was hung up on it, as if it went through the sleeves of his clothing and behind his shoulders, so his arms were outstretched in a slightly messianic pose. He was silent, as if he had been there a long time.

I went up there to him, and before getting him down, I felt as if I should do something… healing, in some way. Before my conscious brain made the decision (a lot of that going on lately), I had put my hand upon his chest and heard myself saying, “Perhaps our Themelians can commune a little.” It felt right, and rushing shook my body with warm shivers down to my knees.

I got him down, and looked at him ‘medically’ in a light-box like an internet light-box for photos except this saw through him energetically. He had a crescent wrench in the lower back of his skull, which I removed, then said a prayer to affect us both, asked for the appropriate thing to use it on, and tightened the bolt that appeared, then cleaned-dissolved it all.

He had some kind of mess I couldn’t make out in the pelvic region and I cleaned it up, some with the typical 4-elements work. He was older, and taller than me, when I was done.

I attempted to merge with him without any noticeable effect. Then I attempted to merge the entire ‘environment’ into him and then him into me and I got decent rushing from that, even from the first part of it.

I asked myself what it meant, the environment. I felt it was ‘obviously’ symbolic in meaning: that I had a large, strong, structured environment, designed for something, but which was not being used. I was less clear about the meaning of the boy.

I had to interrupt the med for a sudden shower due to nature’s gift to females, and decided I would just have to do some of the work there, so I did. I asked Sun in, and did some visualizing of chakra work with him.

I got this visual at one point where my whole body was like a solid ‘field’ of golden energy, with these brighter golden points, ranging from pretty large to nearly indistinguishable, and I found it interesting when I understood this was really my chakraic system — not remotely as “just 7 chakras” as we think of it, and larger than the body with points outside it too — but what I realized after another few moments was a lot like — in fact, exactly like — a universe of stars. All in gold-tone in this visual.

I thanked IG at length. I thanked God for everything I could think of.  I wondered if I should attempt to do more. I wondered if thinking that meant I was expecting more ‘amazing’ or ‘kinesthetic’ response than I got. But it seemed like it was ok. It was something, this is a work in progress. I did what I used to do in the 90’s with my sacred space: I imagined it rolled up into a microdot I stored in my heart.

I did meditate earlier today but I slept through noon (thanks to my kid waking me up and making me miserable last night). When I realized what time it was and that I had missed IG, I instantly closed my laptop and was in the room with her. My conscious mind had barely even begun to grasp the subject when it was done. It feels a little like when senior steps in and his energy finally helps me with something. Oh yeah, and I prayed tonight, fervently, that whatever part of me is bringing this new discipline, that it stay dominant in me, that it get more support.


PS: So I published the above about 24 hours ago. Just about 30 minutes ago I was on the National Geographic site and stumbled across this photo which is incredibly like the ‘person on a wire/cable’ that I saw in the warehouse although the perspective is different. I have to think it was seeing this now that reflected back a little in time to that visual. Click for larger image.