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Last night in some dreams I was having, I think I was being told something. That I should be writing down whatever it is that I want to do in a day, and that I do in a day. Since I’ve not been doing well at accomplishing what I want.

Not because one must document their life, how dull and time consuming.

(Pictured in the image: someone else’s bujo who is vastly more artsy-organized than me.)

But because keeping a focus on the things I want to do — and currently don’t is the important part — means writing a note about it daily, and paying attention to those notes to check it off.

And because keeping a focus on the things I have done is part of that.

I was shown how even dreams, I say I want to remember them, but I have made no effort to write them down immediately upon awakening.

And then I observe, as if from a distance somehow in my life, that I am not getting done the things I want to do daily. From dream recall, to morning meditations, to exercise, even to a few hobbies I’d like to do even if only for 15 minutes a day.

It’s like I’m in the back seat of my own life, just passively watching someone else live it much of the time.

I’ve noticed my Aeons are dreaming with me more. Or were they always part of them? Maybe they were. Most the ones I remember tend to be ‘deep’ dreams. Lately I am starting to semi-almost-recall dreams that seem lighter in nature, but filled with a variety of characters that when I wake up, I think are my aeons playing dress-up. Maybe I would remember better if I really did make a point to audio-record or write the dream promptly on awakening.

Anyway. I need to dig out my bujo, and at least get some better ongoing notes about life going, to force me to pay the attention required to get things done that I want to be doing. It’s so easy to just do “default” things and what comes up and various chores, and always feel like oh gee, it’s later in the day than I thought, time got away from me, and at the end of the day feel like so little of my day was lived “intentionally” and in a way that contributes to a constant improvement in body/mind/spirit.