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So I knew as of a week or so ago that IG wanted me to do another tarot meditation. I know I’ve only done a few now, but they’ve been like psychic dental work. So I’m not real excited when this understanding occurs, unless “Oh God, what now?” counts as excitement. So in denial, I dirked around “not getting around to it” for awhile.

I also had the feeling that I needed to let myself get information about which card intuitively as in ‘impressions’, similar to a few seconds of RV. Late last night I finally reached for the big deck and asked for whatever info I needed for choosing the right archetypal card.

Impressions:  Round. A rounded shape open like a wide cup. A sense of a visual pattern a little like checks or a squared grid. Something like a solid shape or post is coming down from up high. A concept-blend of a ‘corridor’ that has a bunch of ‘tiny partial thin divisions’ near the floor on each side, as you move down it.

That seemed like it ought to be enough. Proving that I don’t know tarot well enough, heh. I thought given the rounded shape that seemed ‘deep’ that it would probably be something in cups, so I started there, but found nothing at all. I did find something like a grid in ‘the hanged man’ but that didn’t seem right either. Not until I was about through the whole deck did I see it.

Funny thing is I think I would have rejected this card if I’d just drawn it based on ‘feel’ like the last one. Because it’s the famous pretty one, “The Universe”, Trumps XXI.

I realized it was the card and then I said to myself, “Oh come on. This one probably isn’t deep like the others, it’s mostly just pretty.” There you go… belief systems!

I was sleepy so I decided, “another time.” I put the card down and turned over on my side and turned off the light to sleep.

About five minutes later when I was nearly asleep, it hit me and I was suddenly alert with the understanding. I turned on the light and grabbed the card and stared at it literally in awe. How could I have never seen this in it before??

This card IS the very definition of The Four. Good lord!

All the sudden it was so obvious to me! The senior in the top right. The Queen actually IS a golden bird in another form, there you go, it’s right there! Me and my mate/twin in the bottom corners. The eye is an “I” — an identity — and it beams into four-fold manifestation in this universe.

The shape and color of earth on the outside is actually a female opening, it’s a birthing symbol. There was some more that I lost because I was sleepy and didn’t write it down, something about the tiny lines at bottom middle. The center seems clearly related to kundalini given the giant snake but I didn’t get much on that aspect.

But I was tired so I put it back down and went to sleep.

This week I will start the meditation process.