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Archetype med. I had no intent of doing another archmed today. And had I done the next Swords it would have been 7. Had I gone from the other direction it would have been Knight. But I was simply updating the tarot page on the blog to link to the 6 of Swords med I had done earlier, and I suddenly wanted to do the Princess meditation. Right then. I didn’t know why. But I felt it strongly enough that I felt it was meant to be, and I should.

Thoth Tarot Princess of Swords

Thoth Tarot Princess of Swords

I was listening to epic music, after prior theta brainwave music. I felt loving with Mark, and very respectful. I asked 3rd and Sun to simply join me in space, so I was not aware of them ‘near’ me but they were just in me.

Mark reached out and held me, his hands on each side of my shoulders, and then it felt like… like he shook me violently, but then I realized it was reality that was shaking all around me instead, and then suddenly I was alone, standing on grey stone, and it was pouring rain all around me.

I could see nothing but grey. I called to the world: Princess, I would be so honored if we could interact. Would you come to me?

Come to me, I felt her command inside me, and I could feel her some distance away.

I flew to find her. I really ‘felt’ the flying. I flew through some shallow canyon, and curved around some bigger mountainous areas a few times, and then upward I felt her, and I found her. I arrived at a plateau, one its own, perhaps twelve feet around, irregularly. She was standing on it as if waiting for me.

Like most of the royalty, this archetype actually was a human and that gender and in this case, had a sword. That itself was so “officially archetypal” I was impressed.

I sobbed at her glory. (…apparently I was really in the mood here.) Then I kneeled, and thanked her for existing, and letting me know she existed. I was fully into the whole ‘glory of the divine’ thing by now.

She put her sword over my head, and I wasn’t sure whether she was about to knight me or cut off my head, but then she just moved it around like doing something to the energy around me.

She nodded at me to stand, and she took her sword, and gently cut open the whole front of my energy body, neck to pelvis, and the two sides opened like doors, and she called energy out of me, and it came rapidly toward her in a stream, but as if it in small, medium and large pieces. She held her sword by the hilt, tip up, flat side toward me, slightly turning it to ‘deflect’ energy either to one side or another of us.

Eventually I seemed empty, and she cleansed inside of me pointing it into me, and gently swung the sword around and ‘pushed’ the big bulk of stuff to her right back into me. I closed. Then suddenly she swung the sword very fast and hard to the left and down, through the bulk of the rest of the stuff she had deflected the other way, and it sort of vanished in a flash of light as she did.

I thanked her. I could only conclude whatever that was, it was something I needed, and good. She did the same to the back of me.

Normally it is me working on archetypes — not them working on me! She did not seem to have anything about her which was lacking, odd, or needed healing. Although this is the case with guides, it is never the case before with archetypes, especially tarot, and especially the royalty, so that’s super unusual. Except — there was one, and it was Prince of Swords, which was also like an amazing meditation as much on my behalf, and I didn’t do the normal things in it. I wonder why this energy is apparently so much clearer and more powerful in me.

She put the flat of the hilt against my chest, blade in front of my face, and put her left hand with the heel at the top of the forehead and her fingers at my crown. (Sedaena (IG4) did that once.) Then very slowly, it was like the sword shifted to some kind of energy, and she pulled her elbow back, and put the sword right through me. When the hilt was pressed against my chest, she held it very tightly with her fist pressing with that hand, and pressing hard with the left hand on my head, and then she just… emoted into me or something. It was like serious “energy work.” Well beyond mere rushing as a sensation.

This went on for some time… about as much as I could hold, I think.

I had earlier been talking with and reading an old blog post about Sierpienta, a powerful identity of King and Kundalini energy who joined me as a thoughtform tool long ago. Princess told me to hold her so I called her into my hand, and she held her sword up, point up, and ‘pushed’ energy from the edge of her sword into mine, and I felt her (Sierpienta) absorb that, as if it was cleaning and refreshing and “empowering” her even more. When done, I thanked her, and let S return to her case.

Then she pointed her sword at each of my major chakras top to bottom, then my feet, and then reached to the top of my head with her hand like she was grabbing something and pulled straight up. It felt kind of like an energy that better-connected them all, and it specifically felt like a bunch of ‘light’ had come to all of my spine somehow.

I wondered if what she had partly done was improve the Sword that I was given by the Heart’s Lake, which Alaya helped put into the center of me, previously. I am just guessing that she was improving the “energy of swords” within me. I totally did not expect anything like this. Usually a meditation is me doing something to ‘fix’ the arch/ our relationship, not the arch working on me.

I felt like she was a goddess.

I asked the Four to help me give her some energy she would find beautiful, from the heart area, and it was a colorful braid of energy that she accepted. I cannot recall how or where she put it.

I bowed to her, and she vanished, a bit slowly, as I realized I was in Mark’s area, and 3rd and Sun, to my right and left, were sliding out of me and sitting next to me.

I guess it really was the right time to do that meditation. That was kind of amazing.


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