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I gazed at the card for awhile first. I’ve seen that sceptor, I told the not-yet-manifest archetype in my mind. But it was pointed upward, then. I remembered a meditation where there were several ‘poles’ like this around, the shapes of which I later noticed in the cards but this one in particular, and many more that had lighted spheres. Like posts scattered through a landscape.

Back then I had thought to myself, about the crystalline geometries, these (crystalline transparent geometry shapes) are of power, and those others (spheres) are of light, and got a sudden intense rushing from the recognition.

Thoth Tarot Princess of Disks

Thoth Tarot Princess of Disks

I wondered about her staff. Why is the object of power pointing downward? That made no sense to me. Then I realized there was something I was missing about the card. I’d been in low light, and I moved it over underneath the lamp. Yes, I saw it now. It was “earth”: the ground and everything under it was ‘lit up’ with the power from her staff. I hadn’t seen that at all, initially.

I am always finding incredibly obvious things in these cards that I somehow overlooked repeatedly, sometimes even despite studying them for a bit. It’s almost like this itself means something.

I rested calmly and reminded myself to be open to absolutely anything I might sense and to ‘go with it’ and try to ‘work with’ IG. It began the way most have lately, with a subtle but growing sense that doesn’t even make it through to what might have words, and then begins to manifest either as a sound, a visual, an emotion, a concept, or an urge.

In this case it was an urge, and I began moving forward and then leaping up onto rocks until I was running (impossibly for a human unless you’re bionic :-)) through this sort of low-lying rocky hillside area, leaping through the sky onto boulders just beyond, until I reached the top of a low mountain.

Then I went down a little to an area next to it with a flat plateau bounded on one side by a very large alcove, perhaps 20 feet high by 20 feet wide and about 10 feet deep.

I stopped. A woman sat there, actually on a very small throne as I interpreted it, but unlike most I’ve seen it wasn’t super high in back, or big spread-out at top, but was more like an ornate big chair. She sat right in the alcove, just under the edge in the front, rather the way you see some eastern statues set, where they are shielded from the elements mostly yet facing the world.

She was unusually… still.

She didn’t look anything like the card, outside of the human-female element and princess concept.

“IG,” I said, in a half-griping way, “What if this is just too much of ‘me’ in here? What if I’m just making up that this arch is a person? ’cause you know that ALL the court cards I’ve done so far have been and honestly, given the percentage of ‘people vs. everything-else’ in these meditations over the last 20 years, this just seems a little bit improbable. Like I’m making that up.”

She didn’t say anything. I got the sense, though, that just as I had told myself I would allow anything including elements from the card, I was bitching because there was an element from the card. Also, that maybe in fact there WAS some reason why they come across as human archs at least for me, so I should just let it be, and not try to either decide it shouldn’t be that way, or must be that way…. every meditation just is what it is.

I sighed and shook my head at myself. It must be some neurotic fear-response to ‘the unknown’ that is always trying to pre-determine how everything ‘should’ be.

I turned my attention back to the princess. I couldn’t see her that clearly. She sat very regally, but so unusually still. I went up fairly close to her and told her I was grateful for her working with me, and honored to meet her. She didn’t seem like a statue, or in stasis, but she wasn’t moving at all, she didn’t turn her head to look at me.

I studied her carefully, especially her legs under a skirt, given the previous meditation and my situation in the flesh and feeling she was probably the most representative-of-me-as-the-4th card in the deck (although I still feel ‘my’ card is that ‘Adjustment’ card, like the first time I ever saw this deck back in 93-94 sometime). But she seemed perfectly fine.

I walked around the side of her studying her, wondering if perhaps her being some earth-of-earth symbol might make me already integrated with her and so maybe there wasn’t really anything that needed doing to work with the energy, maybe it was already ok with me.

“You seem like you’re ok,” I said to her as I continued around the side and into the alcove itself. “You –”

And then I saw it. Why she was so still.

Out of the ground of the plateau in the alcove had grown these thick heavy vines that were instead made of black iron. They had grown up and literally into her. She was chained to the ground, to the chair. I was slightly horrified, and I got a little closer to look more carefully.

I saw that two thin tentacles of the ‘black iron vine’ had grown literally into the back of her neck and up through her head and out her crown chakra, like roots. I almost shrunk back in the horror this gave me for some reason.

I saw this clamp-like manacle reached around her neck, leaving the front open and seemingly untouched for the world in front of her, but literally digging into the flesh and right into the bone at the sides of her neck, to anchor itself.

The iron was “rooted in her” throughout her body, but all down the back.

On the front, the princess seemed serene… if unusually still.

From the back she was clearly an entrapped prisoner, literally tortured by chains that were alive and were binding her and were feeding off her energy.

Gee. The court cards have been such a joy thus far.

I called Sun and Tek and immediately took care of the two vines going through her head, shrinking them and then pulling them out and throwing them across the alcove into a ‘stasis holding area’ while I filled the space with positive energy and the desire for the DNA of her to replicate and rebuild tissue within that area. I did the same with the clamp around her neck.

That was all I had time to do before I had to leave to go grocery shopping (I was getting a ride so had to leave then), but frankly maybe that was all I was really up to at one time anyway.

I had this sort of  “appalled” feeling inside me and I whispered to her that I would be back to save her, that I would not let them keep her like that, before leaving.


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