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Thoth Tarot Princess of Cups

Thoth Tarot Princess of Cups

This was rather grueling, in the end, and I literally was awake the entire night attempting to do it.

I spent some time listening to a singing-bowl youtube vid that I had tagged as genuinely felt well in the heart chakra one night when I was sensitive (on rare sensitive occasions I use the moment to find stuff like that, so in my more oblivious normal life, I’ll have it!), and talking to Mark and the Four in general, and to Princess of Cups on occasion. I’m often daydreaming about 3rd in my reality during this.

Eventually 3rd and I settled for something with Mark and eventually…

We’re in a tiny wooden structure, hardly big enough for three people to stand in, and the two of us open the door and peer out. We are impossibly high like 100 feet over a big river, which is running fairly slowly and deeply, and not far away goes over a cliff. I look around for a ladder or a way to get to whatever the wooden room is built on or attached to, but there is nothing.

3rd: We’ll have to jump.

Me: I think we could die. Maybe we’re so high to tell us NOT to jump.

3rd: Maybe we feel so high so it takes courage. We’ll jump. On three.

Me: This is why men don’t live as long as women.

3rd: 3,2,1!

We’re holding hands and we leap out the doorway, and struggle to keep hands held once we hit the water. We finally come up, and to my surprise we are not being washed over the cliff, there is a strong pull at the top layers but some kind of lip on the cliff and only a shallow amount of water is going over it. 3rd and I are in the water and I’m feeling affectionate, so I keep hugging and kissing on him.

3rd: We’ll need to go over the waterfall.

Me: Seriously? This is nice, right here. But yeah I know. Fine then.

We go over holding hands again, managed to stay together on a long fall landing outward not in the main spray, and then we were floating down a river. A wooden boat just appears, assumedly for us, so we climb into it and then we’re floating in the boat. The boat eventually goes to the side into a sort of pond outside the main current, and I decide this is the time to “do the meditation” for Princess of Cups.

Several hours later, after getting lost endlessly in daydreams and other mental distractions, although some was about 3rd, I was still trying, it was already early morning, and we were still sitting in the boat off to the side. 3rd wanted to be sure I didn’t forget everything so far, so I stopped and typed it out, then went back to him to continue.

I asked her if we could do the elements. The first element, water, is her element, and it took at least an hour or more to get this run on the three of us, huddled standing in a small group. I don’t know why, resistance I suppose, but 3rd kept helping bring my attention back I think, and I’d begin again. We did sun, and then wind, and then the elements, but I didn’t feel like there was much change. Some in me, not much if anything in them.

Me: So is it accurate that ten through knight/king are “all of” the energy of the suit, but you for example are simply all that energy arranged in a certain, distinct way?

Princess of Cups: The first is accurate. The second is partly accurate. Every new arrangement of energy births new groups of focus as well. In the case of we (she means ‘the royalty of the suit’), there are… innumerable additional groupings, and groupings of groupings —

Me: So these are basically all identities, the way I think of these things, right?

Princess of Cups: Yes. This creates something profoundly “more than the sum of its parts.” And in this way, we are each different, even though the base energy is the same.

I decide that actually makes sense to me, and I hope it still will later when I’m typing it in a different state of mind.

3rd and I decide we will continue on the river, and we take the boat out of the offside area, and we eventually float down into a bay, which seems like a bay on the ocean although I’m not sure. It’s really quite lovely as we just float for some time. Eventually we see this very big boat which doesn’t seem like commerce or military, and we both think that this is the Princess’s ship. So we go up to it, and they throw down a rope ladder, and we join her ship.

We continue on the water for some time and then we see her on the deck and she comes to us. I ask her, is there something else that we could do, for our energy to interact together? She had the ship turned and we sailed for some time, until we arrived offshore an island. The three of us got into a small boat together and went to the shore, and we followed her as she climbed up a steep hill, where eventually we all sat in grass and overlooked the water.

I remember nothing else, alas.

This morning which is to say, when I woke up at about 1pm after not enough sleep because I was awake all night trying to get my brain to meditate, I asked her if we could trade some energy that would help us integrate more fully and well. She gave me a necklace where the pendant was a liquid sphere, and it absorbed into me, the pendant into my solar plexus. I thought she was putting it into that chakra, and perhaps she was, but I felt that it then distributed to every main chakra so it didn’t matter. I offered her a simple sphere of energy that was the four centered in me, and she was good with that, and absorbed it in the same place. I thanked her for the honor, and Mark closed the meditation.

Since when I began the meditation, I had this feeling I often have the last few years that somehow my ability to let myself ‘be’ in them had lessened so I’d be lucky if anything worked. So although it was long and difficult, still I felt that it was ok in the end.


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