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I was sitting calmly, ‘grounding’, when I felt as if I had something on my upper chest, in the area where The Four connect with me, between the heart and throat chakras. I had the irrational thought that I was somehow identifying with ‘the prince’ since the morning opening of the energy, and didn’t he have some kind of tattoo there on the card?

So I got out the card and looked at it, and realized he had a major… thing there not just a symbol, but also that the stuff in the front of his wagon looks JUST like the ‘jaggedy mineral’ that he was encased in before the four elements work. Huh. And I didn’t even notice. Except in the med it was like a metal-mineral. (In the card I assumed it was gem-crystal.)

I just now realized that my first encounter with the Knight of Wands was a man. And with the Queen was literally a Queen. And this arch, which I expected to be something metal or crystal given how it started, is a man.

Do you suppose the court cards are more prone to archetype as people, something related to their side of the energy?

I went back to the moment/situation of the Prince sitting there and I called in Sun and Tek and we worked on his legs and feet and a little bit into his hips. It took awhile but it went ok.

I was affectionate during it, and talking with him, as I had before I’d left the previous med. I had an idea that making this tantric would be a good end but alas, I was neither in the mood nor the situation for that.

I merged with him and then with the landscape and I got some decent rushing from that.

But I actually got the most rushing while I was working on his legs, especially when I was focusing-in “with emotional impelling” to the degree I could summon. The more you really want the healing and the merge the better it goes at that moment, generally.

IG seemed to think it went ok.

I told IG we could do whatever meditation she thought was appropriate then, I was up for another. But as I ‘allowed’ her energy to do whatever with me or around me, I realized that my arm was held high and she was turning me around slowly, like a dancer. Then I realized —

— the ballerina!  I completely forgot to finish that last meditation!  And she stopped and I understood that was her way of telling me.

So I went back to that scene, and I was doing the four elements on the base she had been standing on, and the sphere was still there. It seemed perfect, like nothing could improve upon it, and sure enough the elements had no effect. Then I ‘understood’ it was like a bearing and it went right in the center of the base, not where it had been. I asked it why it was not at the center. And in response I just ‘remembered’ that in the previous med, the center had been filled with something horrible and rotting that I had cleaned out.

So I worked some more on the entire base and as I did, the entire thing started shifting its materials, until I realized it was becoming a sort of clear crystalline-like material instead of the unknown black semi-plastic thing it had been. I got a lot of rushing during its transformation. I did this with the lid as well and I put it back together, and I went back to the ballerina and did the four elements with her (which I realized I hadn’t before) and she reduced in size and improved in composition and coloring. I put her back on the base, and made sure the base was on level ground, and gently pushed her, and she began to twirl, like the music box dancer she looked like. I imagined merging with her and the immediate landscape, which went ok, and that was done.


I went through the cards to see what is up next. I’m actually on the princess of both suits now, just coincidentally — Princess of Disks, and Princess of Wands.

Perhaps it is superstition. I know nothing of tarot–and to some degree, the more I work with the energy in archmeds the more I feel I know less, not more, of how to ‘define’ them, as if it gets slightly clearer in some very abstractly, kinesthetically-conceptual way for which I have no words whatever, yet vastly less clear in any kind of “here’s the list of what this means” way — but there are four court cards in heirarchy in each suit, and each of my ‘The Four’ clearly to me seems to align to a suit. So I cannot help but think of us as symbolically represented in Tarot. Each suit being ‘the world of energy’ of that one.

The Senior wands, magic and ‘Will’; the Queen cups, compassion, healing and truth; the Third [whom I sometimes also privately think of as The Captain as he so often appears as a commanding soldier] as Swords; action, courage and loyalty; and myself the Fourth as Disks (service, and earth/growing life). In the elements, they are considered Fire (wands), Water (cups), Air (Swords), earth (Disks). So the Knight of Wands is ‘fire of fire’ and the Queen of Swords would be ‘water of ‘air’ and so on.  In this analogy, it is basically the energy of one of the four “as manifested within” the energy of the world of whichever of the four (which suit) they’re in.

So… the princess represents the 4th (me) in every suit, although it is at “home” most in Disks, “her world.” I don’t know if any of this makes sense to anybody but myself.

I don’t know how to read tarot, I am surreally disinterested in divination given my long term of focus on remote viewing. I’m only trusting that the ‘power’ of the experience of working with it means something.

(Well, and Sun told me that working with the tarot — and my planets — would help me accomplish my goals related to personal development/evolution, and I believed him.)


I took out the next few cards from each suit, and put the two cards on top of the little box where I keep these things (a box with an Egyptian replica thing on top, which is just the perfect size to hold the Thoth Tarot oversized cards).  A part of me said, with recognition: by doing this, you are “opening” the energy of both of these. You will deal with that energy throughout your life as you work through it and until you resolve the meditation. (Not, mind you, that all energy of everything isn’t in your life at all times. Just that it has a ‘focus’ when you have some specific grouping of energy ‘open to intent’ at a given time.)

And a part of me kind of responded… with complete lack of concern for my life. It wasn’t in specific words but the feeling was clear: that I needed to quit being coddled like a baby about this stuff, that I had some ‘internal’ responsibility and expectation both of self and from others I’m connected with, and that I should definitely be opening the energy and working with it, and rather than trying to protect me from that, I should simply be expected to deal with it more proactively–in other words that if it were an ongoing problem, the source of that would be me screwing around in denial/avoidance, which there was too much of for too long already, so make the demand and move forward already.

It reminded me a little of a meditation where I got that a certain chakra development was required and doing this suddenly would have some repercussions but the senior’s energy was with me and he simply DID it, “merciless” is the word (not a bad word when used right), like the trivia of my body and life in this focus, even though it has its own value and import, is simply not really important to the larger evolution of the larger… soul, for lack of a better word.

I got comfortable and decided I would just go ahead and begin. I looked at the Princess of Disks card for awhile. Although most archetypes have nothing whatever to do with the thing or the card or whatever, I feel perhaps there is some ‘energy of it’ I might absorb subconsciously, or artistically or whatever.

I also have been working on not being so bloody close-minded and allowing IG to work with whatever she likes, including elements from the card if it comes to that. So I relaxed with it for awhile, and then I asked IG to work with me on it. Separate post for that.


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