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I think some part of my brain translates this more into ‘sadism’ than mere cruelty, since the latter can be even tiny things, even sometimes with people who love each other. But I don’t have any intuitive sense about it at all. Intellectually though, it does seem rather fitting that nine in Swords would be this energy for some reason.

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Midnight Mass 25-26Nov2020

Sun, 3rd and I find ourselves walking through a long, wide, tall alley of trees. They and the ground are all the gold of full Autumn, and it’s lovely. The trees on each side seem to meet above our heads, as if we are walking through yellow-gold arches.

We emerge from the end of that and there are many ways we could go. Some kind of village we are on the edge of. We are right near the edge of what seems a cliff of sorts. More nature areas are off to the right. I ponder which way to walk. Does it matter? Will IG work something out no matter what I choose?

I look over the edge of the cliff (lot of cliffs in my meds lately), and there is a river, and there are many things in both directions at the bottom. But right in front of us at bottom, is what looks like a very old, shallow rowboat. It is fully grey with weathering and I see equally worn oars in it. I ask 2nd/Queen to fly me down there, and we push the boat into the river and get in. The tide itself is carrying us downstream although all three of us row a bit sometimes.

I notice that while my state of mind is not deep, and my visuals are not clear, my throat chakra is doing great. The audio is pretty good, I can nearly hear the splashing of the oars for instance.

Eventually we get to a big ‘V’ in the river, and on both sides it becomes a water-street of a town. We take the right path, and then on the right side halfway down we stop and get out onto a dock, because I can feel this is where I should be.

We are standing in front of an old Catholic looking church. I’m pondering where this religious symbolism is coming from, but I have no idea. We go in and a man meets us at the door and takes us almost immediately upward. We are in a pretty narrow area, everything is wood, the staircase is a squared circle steeply up, and we go until we get to what is apparently the rooftop.

There is still some structure over the top of us but it is partial in places around the roof. We go to one area that is covered, and we look out over the city. The detail is amazing. I wish my ajna chakra was feeling more up to it because even without very much of it, I’m amazed at the detail of this overview of the dual-river city area.

I turn and walk to the empty area in the center of the rooftop and I say: Nine of Swords, please honor me by visiting me.

A very distorted sort of human man appears. He’s big and reddish and his hands are like mutant talons of some kind. We go through the elements, and there is not much of either of us left, so I ask him to take whatever form he is comfortable with that I can relate to, and he is a man again. He is still not totally right I sense, the energy still has some issues, but small, comparatively.

I want more interaction with him. I talk with him for a while about the vastness of him, and how our people have this one little word, ‘cruelty,’ as a label, but I understand that he is so vast, it is ridiculous to think this would be his definition. I start to ask him where his energy is present in my life, and then remember just being told by a prior swords arch that they are all everywhere. It occurred to me that since my aeons are the real composition of me, that maybe if I imagine merging his energy with each of my aeons, like breathe them together within me, that this would be a way of working with his energy.

So I do that, and it takes quite some time. Eventually I fall asleep. When I wake up an hour later, I finish the aeon round with him, and then trade some energy and I go back to Mark.

I still felt as if I wanted much more merge, experience and closure that I didn’t get. It’s on me, I know. Maybe I’m not in a place where it’s appropriate to do all at once. (As if I could do it ‘all’ ever even if I tried.) But it’s a complete meditation, so I will move on. This wraps the regular cards of the swords, the Queen and Knight remain.


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