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Thoth Tarot Eight of Wands (Swiftness)

Thoth Tarot Eight of Wands (Swiftness)

Eight of Wands (Swiftness)

Sun at left, 3rd at right, Mark sets me to walking on a path.

Reality around the path vanishes, and the path shrinks to just big enough for me, so they vanish inside/ around me.

The path lifts up into the air, and I keep walking and it keeps lifting. Since there is no visual around us, I only know I’m so high by a sense of it. It goes on and on.

And then finally, I run into a door. In the middle of the path, or rather all across it. I can hardly see it, it’s nearly transparent. But it’s locked. I can’t go around, under, or over it.

This seemed rather odd. Why have the path if it’s blocked off?

Me: Door, why are you locked?

Door: I AM.

Me: Could I just use Sierpienta sword to size/shape to fit your lock?

Door: You could, but you should not.

Me: Could I just use Wand to command your unlocking?

Door: You could, but you should not.

Me: Could I just use nebula nexus sphere to go “through” you instead?

Door: You could, but you should not.

Me: Well how am I supposed to get through you then?

Door: Find the key.

But there is nothing around me at all, so it’s not like I can look for it. I ponder for a bit and then ask,

Me: Do I have the key?

Door: It is in you.

I stood staring at it for a bit more, and then got distracted by Miri…

Months later, August 2019 now:

I’m right where I was before. Sun and 3rd are with me. I go around in circles in my head trying to think of what it might mean that the key is in me.

Finally I think: “There is no spoon.” And I merge into the door and feel myself become it and become the lock and then I move that part of myself to open it. The door opens.

Me: So this is ok, doing it this way? Well apparently so.

I walk for a long time the path appearing upward. I get bored. Finally it goes through a darkness, comes out into a small vehicle on a track like at theme park. There’s one long bench so I get in with 3rd and Sun behind me and it takes off, like a roller coaster. We go down a steep hill, and then — the track ends and we just fly off into the air and then go plummeting down.

Me: Guys? Guys this is ok right? We’re not like gonna die right?

Then I remember, very fuzzily, that for some reason I don’t understand, ‘fall’ is actually a part of the energy of ‘swiftness.’ So I accept this and relax, and the little vehicle sort of lands on a track also going downward and it gradually slopes up and takes us into a curve, and we eventually stop and get out.

I decide to call for the arch, and he allows me to run the elements on us. Had an odd part where when we normally turn partly or fully to dried shattered stone with the fire (sun), a good chunk of my head didn’t do the normal shatter thing (so wind blows it away in the next step). Instead it was like harder-stone in a big solid piece. Never had that impression before. Had to work to get it out of me.

I asked if Mercury was related to him, with the ‘swiftness’ energy we attribute to that in astrology. He said “Yes, but not for that reason.”

I didn’t feel like I’d decently interacted, so I asked to stay with him. He reminded me that he is a dynamic, when I asked about what in my world had his energy. Elements are qualities, tarot are dynamics. I kind of went around with Q&A with him, trying to wrap my head around how I could on-purpose interact with, merge with, a dynamic. Yes I know I have had no trouble with this for half the tarot deck until now, but for some reason my sleepy brain is just stuck on the “yes but HOW?” idea. I don’t remember most of it unfortunately. I don’t think it was anything enlightening, just 14 versions of I’m dense.

The med was interrupted by a zillion iterations of my being totally ADD and realizing I was off thinking or planning or daydreaming something else.

Finally I asked for us to trade energy for further integration. He gave me something that wound around my arms like shoulder to wrist flexible bracelets. When I asked what he wanted from me, he said, “I want to imprint you.” I didn’t even know what he meant for sure. He bear-hugged me, and then my whole body had sort of… kind of like winding spirals all over it. I said, but how does this … I mean this is on ME, not you … and he said, you are in me, and I am in you. That vaguely reminded me of the saying at the top of my thoth graphics. I decided that would do.


I remembered in the middle of this meditation that years ago, I was told internally to take “Cat’s Claw.” I kinda never got around to it. Ridiculous, I know. I am getting ready to do a short series of kefir, two kinds of homemade yogurt, some other things, and I decided I would add that supp to the process.


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