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The only thing usefully metaphysical (barely) I do regularly lately, is a very brief thing, usually while standing on the vibeplate, whole body vibration at 37Hz is my choice.

I do an Aeon round — we are one now, so I am not holding hands with them anymore, but rather I let them see fully through me turn for a bit, then let myself split into the circle they are sort of studded into, and it spins. First around like a clock, then also around like a spinning quarter. Only their eyes I perceive (peripherally) when this is happening, and two sort of gold reflections that are like rings both of them and across them, that’s like a visual artifact just from the motion of it.

My own awareness when they are spinning shifts to join 4th of 4’s. I say hello to 4th, then I ask for 3rd to join me; then I and 3rd ask for Queen to join us; then the three of us ask for Senior to join us, and kneel and “recognize him as King” as part of that. Then as one conglomerate, we all say hello to each of my chakras, and super-brief run energy through the body.

Then I do a brief prayer with and to Divine Light for cleansing, filling, protection, and for DL to ‘my rudder and my guide.’ Then I’m done. Sometimes, I also grab a protein drink, go see my guides in the cave outside the universe tunnel in my chest, and I have Mark bless it, thank them, and they give me a drink, and I drink it with high intention of ‘accepting their energies unto and into me.’

All of that takes somewhere between 2.5 and 8 minutes depending on how I go about it and how much time I spend with the Aeons.

Sometimes (ideally) in the morning I will also play the song on my echo ‘It is You (I Have Loved)’ which is my song for Mark, and sing it to him and emote with him.


Previously in meditations it was explained to me that our identity — my brain translated it to this object, for concept clarity — exists kind of like a circle or ring. Imagine a starfield, and a big ring in it. The ring is the crux, dividing line, border, catalyst area, and it is what defines “what I perceive AS me” (inside the ring) from “what I perceive as NOT me” (outside the ring) — and that ring area is literally the ‘identity’ which is what the ego is part of.

When significant “interference” happens with that ring — the identity — which is a constant issue with metaphysical development of course — it causes a reaction. A sort of stimulus-response knee-jerk reaction. Either the person sort of greatly emphasizes further opening up, or they emphasize a shutting-closed.

The former is more likely to happen, I suspect, when the person is really open to massive change, or already in the process of some and at least open to certain related follow-on “more.” The latter is likely to happen nearly all the time with everyone, and certainly with me. Even if I sought out the energy change that was an interference with The-Ring-Of-Me (my ‘identity and perceived self’), this is still the reaction.

This has caused a problem for me. I’ve had for a long time a form of metaphysical cognitive dissonance. I can’t go forward in my development because of it. I can’t go back in my development because there’s a certain degree of responsibility that you simply accept at some point, and you don’t get out of that. So I’ve been sitting around in some kind of metaphysical purgatory, tuned out and barely paying attention, then I try and rebound off it like a pinball off a bumper. It’s like I’m waiting for something to resolve. Waiting… waiting…

Yesterday morning during my Mark song, I had a sudden massive idea for how to address this. The energy kind of “dumped in all at once” to me, rather like a ROTE.

It was a ‘creative idea for meditation’ that I could do, to specifically work on the issue I am having. It used the concept that my brain had added to the initial info about identity, that “ring” concept.

It goes something like this:

Use the nebula nexus sphere to “go to” a given edge of your ring (identity). Just pick a direction, like a clock.

When there, work with Mark and 3rd until you have some kind of visual/sense of an environment of any kind.

When centered in that, use J’rend and the Tuning Fork he gave you to strike the Christ-energy tone, and call to that yourself as well, and imagine the sound as a ‘standing wave’ that is gradually affecting more and more of the environment, like a slight vibrato from the ringing. While doing this, feel that the sword in your center (and spine), which Alayaowaeiiya (heart chakra) gave you not long ago, is also resonating with that sound.

Ask Mark to help you relax and allow the energy of this part of your ring to accept the Will — His will — the frequency, the tone — and allow the “environment of your identity” — the part of the ring you are focused upon — to shift and join that vibration, until it is in sync, in harmony with it.

And that’s it. Except it needs to be done for a whole lot of places on the ring, which is vast. But it CAN be done.

It’s a meditation form for “sticking a fork in it.”

Will be doing this soon. Had to write this down so I didn’t forget it.