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That term, “The Orgone of Waiting,” for a place which I had just been, was in my head when I woke up from a dream this morning.

But let me start at the beginning. A week or so ago, I started dreaming about a good friend of mine, a soul-brother (as I call him) who I’ve known online through an alias for many years, but haven’t talked to in several years. It seemed like I should write him, but I didn’t feel motivated to do that so I didn’t.

Over the last week I keep dreaming about him. We “relive” pieces of multiple lives where we have been together in some fashion, none of them this one. (We’ve never met in this one.) We often have lots of fun, and laugh and laugh. Sometimes he seems to join my aeons for a dream about my current life stuff.

“You know,” I told Law, “This reminds me of how I dreamed about my brother. After he had died, but I did not yet know. Do you think Don has died??”

(As a complete coincidence, my brother’s name was also Don. He died in 1995.)

Yesterday I blogged how I’d been told to make a bigger effort to record my dreams. But this morning when I woke up after yet another dream with Don, I was far too tired to bother, thanks to barking dog since 4am until I finally got up at 8am, and then after letting him out briefly, stumbled to my recliner to finally get some sleep. (A problem issue we are still… working out. Sigh.)

But I dreamed yet again!, and the Aeons woke me up just as this phrase was in my head: “The Orgone of Waiting.” That’s where we were, or he was and I was there with him.

Sleepily I thought, Heh, that’s funny — WAIT! Oh my gosh, surely that has to be some kind of term for the immediate-afterlife?!

As it happens, Don later became a local politician in his home state, so I was able to google his name and county. And I found some official meeting minutes from a mere two days ago he was in. So it appears he is just fine!

Now I grant, as the Aeons often tell me, not everything happens in the “time” I think it does. But I was truly astonished that he was actually alive and not dead. I expected to find an obituary for him, seriously. I was getting ready to add the word “obituary” to the search when I at first thought I wasn’t finding anything recent on him, until I saw that brief article about the meeting.

I wrote him email telling him all this and asking him to respond and assure me he is fine. Hopefully he will, though we hadn’t spoken in eons and I know he’s ridiculously busy. But now what I’m trying to figure out is:

Why on earth I would have such dreams — repeat dreams, multiple dreams, over multiple days, and the two just this morning in separate sleeps! — that were so… well, rather specific it seemed like! Especially the last one. “The Orgone of Waiting?” That’s hilarious! What a great phrase for a “place.” But how could that be anything except…

Well now I’m just confused.