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My last meditation plan took me 13 years. This one I hope goes faster. But it’s quite a bit of content. So it’s going to take… a while, at least.

There are many things I want to meditate upon, which is better phrased like, there are many part of myself-and-universe that I want to be introduced to.

Because in meditation at least so far, everything is an identity… of sorts. The “archetype” — meaning “the interface of my perspective and that perspective” — might be anything, that part is irrelevant, though sometimes informative.

I have finished the minor arcana, and the major arcana is associated with the Tree of Life, so those two are next on my list.

But there are other things I want to do as well. And some do associate with the Tree; and some might not, but I can associate them, either generally by concept, or simply so that I can add a dozen or two of what are likely “Aeons” of the universe in some fashion, to my overall meditation cycle.

I worked it out so every “line” as I call it — a row of a spreadsheet, a “group of meditations in the next step” — is a sequential step in the work with the tree, but also has a variety of other things added that I would like to experience.

The Sefirot of the tree; and the Paths of the tree; and (later) the Partzifum (which I perceive, now before doing it so we will see I guess, as simply a combined-identity-Aeon of multiple Sefirot); those are each a ‘thing’ for meditation.

  • Sefirot
  • Path
  • Partzifum

The things which “define” that — a hebrew symbol which is a letter which is a word which is a name; a number which is simply the ordinal step in the process (or placement on the map) of the thing — those are also a “thing” for meditation.

  • Hebrew Symbol (letter word name)
  • Number
  • Tetragrammaton symbol-concept (1 of 4)

And then there’s the stuff I’ve come up with so far that I want to add. Because I want to MEET the universe of me, the world of us, the earth and the cosmos, you name it.

I want to see what the difference in feel or experience is with different kinds of identities — Hydrogen was nothing like Ace of Swords for example!

So aside from the “primary” things noted, above, there are the following “existing correspondences” to the tree’s paths. I modified these just slightly in a few cases — because I have modified just a bit the concept/sequence of the first few Sefirot, so there are a few downstream effects from that:

  • Tarot Major Arcana (Thoth) (associate with Paths)
  • Planets (associate with Sefirot)
  • Signs (associate with Paths)
  • Nature Elements (associate with Sefirot)

Although there are some other things associated with the tree, I do not find them to be consistent, or official, or something that I would agree with in all cases. So aside from the above (and a slight mod in a few places), I simply “made up” my own list.

Some are to correspond, but most are merely “Here’s a list of meditation steps; distribute a dozen or two of thing-X into that list, so I also work on them.” That is to say, they are not really correlated — even for me — they are simply “in the list somewhere” of things to work through.

Somewhat associated, a little or a lot:

  • Astrological Houses (which are my Aeons) (to match Signs via ‘whole houses’ western astro format)
  • i Ching Hexagrams (by concept, loosely)
  • Chakras (my six major, plus crown and the un-chakra universe tunnel) (by concept, generally)
  • Geometric Shapes (only by chakra ref on the Sefirot, otherwise no correspondence)

Not associated, merely a list:

  • Vibration-groups Colors, Smells, Temperatures, Musical-Notes
  • Atomic Elements
  • Parts of Spine
  • Parts of Body
  • Organs of Body
  • Molecular Formulas

Well that’s what I have for now.

So in order to get all of these categories of things into my meditation life — rather than saying, “Ok in X years when I finish the Tree/Paths, I’ll do that” — they’re just distributed in that series.

I made it a spreadsheet. Then I “icon-ized” each of the things, so I could make this as visually succinct as possible as a reference guide.

Each “step which contains a group of meditation focal points” I call a line (a row, in the spreadsheet). They are numbered in the ‘ideal sequence’ — not that I will do them starting at pre-zero, where the list begins, but it’s easier to have a “fixed” sequence so I can refer to a line of focus points (like F13 is focus-line 13, and all the things which are part of that).


I had no opinions on the tree, aside from a groovy “add the geometry of the unicursal hexagram, and some stuff where da’ath would be” idea I had years ago and put in “figures” on my blog. This was mostly curiousity that the shape worked rather neatly, and that I felt da’at, which I already was having various experiences related to in the un-chakra sense back then, might go well with the Aum and with the yinyang and either way was definitely a circle/zero shape. Haven’t thought about it since then to be honest.

But I prayed, and asked for Mark and the Four and the Aeons to enlighten me with some intuitive ideas about what is right for me.

A good thing, because when I went to “go get the tree info” from the internet, I discovered there’s more than one version of things, and the deeper you go, the more variation there is. I hadn’t realized. I thought it was one thing, set in stone, that dates back to the dawn of time or something.

But after several days of massive speed reading various stuff, and asking for guidance, I ended up having “intuitive opinions.” Go figure! And those were:

The ‘default’ is this: Sefirots are numbered 1-3 for: Keter, Chokmah, Binah.

1. I do not feel that the first Sefirot is ‘1’. I don’t feel it should be anything. I just feel very strongly that it is … I dunno, like “pre” everything. I don’t know why I feel that. It was very “stubborn” in me though.

I was slightly exasperated that the intuition I hoped for ended up immediately putting me so far off the path of how it is supposed to work!

I moved on, and went back to reading the gazillion tabs I had worked out in searches the prior day. Only to discover there is a major theory about this from someone else back in time, who apparently felt the same. So I was feeling slightly validated then.

But… he numbered Da’at 2, it appears, bringing it forward into the sequence with the others, leaving Binah at 3 as it was. Well that didn’t work for me either, intuitively, unfortunately — I just can’t agree if I don’t feel it. Because for me:

2. Da’at is zero. This is overwhelmingly obvious from a lot of my experiences with the un-chakra universe-tunnel between heart and throat so far, and the four in relation to that, and that abyss/choronzon energy. It also does not belong in the main series with the others. It is basically the shadowtwin of the 1.

3. The start, the initiation, the creative, is 1. That’s Chokmah.

4. The receptive, the polarities, the understanding, is 2. For me that’s Binah.

Well that creates another complication, for obvious reasons, because I don’t want to renumber everything else and I actually feel that all the other numbers are accurate for their Sefirot so I would not change them.

5. So I renumbered Tiphareth to be BOTH 3 and 6. Because it is 3 the child of 1 and 2, as much as it is 6, and in 3+6 it is 9 which is the ideal. And yes I know this is weird and probably not ideal, but here is my theory:

  • it doesn’t matter
  • it doesn’t matter
  • if it matters I will learn as part of the process
  • being wrong and learning is a valuable experience of its own
  • I have to do what I intuitively feel is right or at least better
  • it doesn’t matter
  • this may not be ‘right’ but it feels ‘better’ than the alternatives

The Sefirot after that are unchanged for me.

As for the paths, I do not argue them at all, but I slightly rearranged the sequence I will do them in, simply related to a ‘set up’ for the Sefirot which follows. I found the sequencing a little bit confusing to be honest. Now I am sure there is some brilliant, deeply metaphysical reason why they are given that sequence. But again, this falls into my bucket of theories, which are:

  • it doesn’t matter
  • it doesn’t matter
  • if it matters I will learn as part of the process
  • being wrong and learning is a valuable experience of its own
  • I have to do what I intuitively feel is right or at least better
  • it doesn’t matter
  • this may not be ‘right’ but it feels ‘better’ than the alternatives

So the paths, although I keep their numbers/attributions, will be done in the sequence I set, not in the specific sequence they are classically found within. I will trust that to whatever degree it matters, I will figure it out over time, with more and closer exposure to those energies, and to the process.

Other: I once met an identity, who stopped in to see me when my life was hard, and said to me that everything was going to be ok. He gave me his name, and he spelled it for me visually, in gold light, and he underlined it haha. It was “Oliphant.” But the feeling was very clear: this was not merely a name and a descriptive (elephant); it was a TITLE, and I felt that it very much belonged in the group which contained other titles, including the slightly similar “Heirophant.” Except Tarot is complete, so there would be no place to add him.

6. I created a path “under” Malkuth, a 33rd step, of the divine identity who comes across as an ornately decorated (but tiny, when I met him later with IG4) elephant who has the name-title Oliphant. In that position, he is “holding up my world” so to speak. I do feel there is likely some relationship to the Ganesha deity in the east, I just don’t know what or how much.

7. I removed all correspondences from Keter except three, and I do not ideally want those there either. But there are other things which follow in sequence for those, and they belong with Chokmah and Binah I feel strongly, so I had to give Keter these correspondences anyway. This includes the crown chakra; a shape (Chiliagon, which is the word for what I call “the shape of a 1000-facet-sphere,” my definition of the chakra gem world shape for that chakra, based on what it looks like, what it feels like, and the “thousand petal’d lotus” used in the east); and an element, which is chi — yes, I just added that to the elements list.

And that’s that. I have two tables in the spreadsheet, one that is huge and has plain text words for most everything, and then one that is “icon-ized” to be very succinct. I will add a page to my blog that has that for my reference, and possibly a couple other pages for tracking meditations like I did with tarot, except these will be for the Cosmos (planets, moons, astro signs, houses), the i Ching, the Table of Elements, and so on.

The last thing I would like to do, is create a giant image version of the tree, with the ‘planned sequence’ numbers (very tiny) in there for my reference, and all the various adds or correspondences… somehow!… in there. It will be complex, but then when I am on a new focus line, I can grab just that part of the image, as its own “map” and use that.

Today is my daughter’s 25th birthday. She is having a difficult time in her life right now, to understate it. Her son turns 2 in September (I turn 56 on Sep 14th). I’m going to her friend’s house to have dinner and presents with her and them, this evening, hopefully will be a decent night. I didn’t have much funds for her but I got her a couple of small, pretty things, and one mundane house thing. Life keeps moving on. I can’t believe I’m getting so old. I swear I stopped feeling like I was aging somewhere around 28 or so.