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I got to IG on time. For some reason, making this midnight appointment seems critically important to me. Like it is a commitment. Not to be delayed or put aside for other things.

I sat by her for a bit, glad that my mind was fairly, decently calm pretty quickly. I had the Narnia soundtrack (orchestra version, minus the ‘white witch’ track) in headphones on lowest volume, and I sat in the dark.

I let shapes and concepts and colors and impressions wind through my head and around me, not attempting to touch or notice any of them, just letting them be, waiting for something to eventually resolve and present itself.

This was still going on when I realized I was distracted by this visual out the window. Out in the distance, in the dark, was this absolutely amazing green pyramid. Its green was somehow many shades at once, translating to that sense of it “feeding me” at chest-level I sometimes get from a mass profusion of spring plants growing amuck. The pyramid glowed in the night as if it would be seen for many miles around. It was 4-sided, but the bottom went straight up for a bit, before it shifted to the slanted dimension that took it up to a point. It seemed like it was lit, or giving off light.

I looked at IG. I still keep stealing glances at her, as if she doesn’t know, as if she’s going to disappear and I have to make sure she is still ‘perceivable’ to me.

“Can I go out there and explore that?” I ask, and she nods a bit. I go out into that dark world and as I am flying, nearing the giant lighted intensely-colored shape, I notice there appear to be people all over the place. I make myself invisible just in case I wasn’t to them (it’s odd the superstitions I have during these works), and I land on what turns out to be about a 20 foot tall, 6 foot wide stone ‘border’ that has been built around this giant thing. I look down around me.

People walk around it, as if this is a park, a city ‘square’ or center at night, and now that I was closer, I could see there were lights, they’d just been kind of drowned out by the intensity of the green pyramid. I went down among the people to get a better look at them. They looked pretty normal. Mostly dark hair. Medium skin. I wondered if any of this had meaning. I looked at their clothing to see if I could gauge a ‘time’, but oddly it was like I just couldn’t perceive that at all. I got the sense, that it was just not-relevant.

There was a shorter, maybe 4 foot wall that was about 20 feet out from the stone border (so, a fat walkway/path around it). I walked near it, to another side, but nothing changed. I had to step out and walk around a man sitting against the wall at one point. He was old, and obviously blind, and his head followed me; he clearly saw me. I thought, now that is the archetype for sure: you are invisible in a virtual world and only the blind man can see you.

I smiled at him but continued, then going the other direction. I couldn’t see anything unusual though. I returned to him, and I sat down next to him.

Me: so they built this thing?

Him: it is the gem of {a word, something I could not fully ‘translate’ to a word I knew}.

Me: oh my god. a GEM? You mean that gigantic thing is all one GEM of some kind?!

He nods. I look at it with a new respect.

Me: But it looks lighted. So it must be glass, something built.

Him: The energy that makes it thrive, lights the sky.

I didn’t really understand that. Wouldn’t that be the light, I wondered.

Him: You would like the blue as well, probably.

Me: The blue. Blue? You mean there is another one of these somewhere?

Him: Yes of course. In a line, from one side of the land to the other. This is the center.

Me: Oh — oh wow, do you mean like — like chakras? The colors make it sound like that. Like these are designed to look like chakras?

Him (his face turned to be, him looking bemused): These are chakras.

I didn’t have anything to say to that for a minute. I’d just finished trying to grasp that chakras were identities. Now they were giant gems in some world’s landscape? I heard inside me: They are many things, as you are many things.

I went back to standing on the wall that surrounded it and I put my hands against it.

Themelian my friend, I said to the assumed heart chakra identity inside me, Do you like this? Is this part of you?

Although I briefly had a sense of visual of him, I don’t remember any response.

I went back to him and looked at the old blind man. In rags, of course, would it be any other way, while we are talking archetypes!

Me: I bet I could take you, at least your consciousness, with me to see the others. This is my reality while I’m running it on this level at least. Do you want to come with me? Can you see these?

Him: I have seen them all. They live inside me.

He shrugs, clearly happy to stay put.

I’m not sure why, but I put my right hand out, and I drew the sign of the cross — but like a plus sign, not a crucifix — in gold light “into” his forehead (reminding me as I’m writing of what IG did to me once with symbols), and then put my palm over that and ‘blessed’ him, and he swayed slightly.

I asked for the Sun to join me, and I went and put my hands on the green again, and then took the Sun’s hand (after a brief drooling appreciation moment. It seems like any time I am around Sun or IG lately I am a whole lot more … ‘respectful and aware of their divine’ than I used to be), and we teleported to ‘the next thing in line’.


There was nothing, and I realized I’d gone to the space where the Four anchor in me. I could feel there was a great deal there to explore, though not presently visible, but I felt this was ‘chakra time’ so I decided I could come back to that some other time.


We ‘ported to the next one. We appeared in the air a few hundred feet above it. From there, it looked like the richest, bluest, purest pool of super-rich, super-azuare water  slowly swirling or something, to the degree there was this odd overlay-urge to “fall into it utterly.” But when I got closer I could see that it was actually faceted, but the facet on top was large and flat, and the color was so vivid, like the green but this was a rich azure, it was just breathtaking.

I imagined myself invisible and went down to it, and it too had a short wide stone wall bordering it, which I stood on. Sun and I each put one hand on it, and the other around each other, and concentrated for a bit on just feeling the energy.


We ‘ported to the next one. A perfect rich electric-cobalt blue sphere with energy that seemed to “spin” within it, sat in the landscape. There was no wall around that. I went to the bottom of the truly massive sphere, and looking up could see the vivid color with constant spinning inside. We put our hands upon it for a bit.


We ‘ported to the next one. This one was different. The others, it was like their light, though incredibly vivid/intense, was just… was just “in them.” Localized to the object, you might say. The light did not ‘light up’ everything else except a little. But this one seemed like some spherical-yet-faceted-all-over shape turning in a variety of directions and intense light shot into the sky above it. The color of it was light-bright-violet but the light often seemed white, maybe from the intensity of the brightness. The light was constantly changing. It was alive, like a bright light-purple volcano cauldron.

I had the strange desire, so I followed it, to go hover above it and stick my head into the light. I felt as if it literally “cleaned all the way through my skull” where it touched, but it was a super fine line. So I moved my head around for awhile working to get the whole thing done, not just the crown but the whole head and neck, and then I stuck my whole upper body in and got a lot of rushing from that, like an archmed merge.

It was going great until I started “thinking about it” which separated me from “experiencing it” and stopped the effect.

I had the sense that the next place I “should” go would not be the assumedly-yellow gem (down from the heart), but instead would be whatever was at the opposite extreme side of the land. I remembered when the crown chakra showed me how it worked and what it looked like, and how the energy moves through the body [see The Fountain of Crown], and I realized that the closest thing to the crown is actually the feet, and to a lesser degree, the Kundalini energy. So I went down to see if there might be something in this world akin to ‘foot’ chakras.

There were. They were a lot smaller than the gems I’d seen so far, but they were equally amazing in their own way. There was more to them than just a giant pure shape. It was actually like they were every color, like strands of rainbow vivid as well as white, and then attached or associated with this was a sort of… amazing complexity, like a net of stars, like tons of smaller also-lights that were all part of a fabric or mutual pattern. I remembered how in the crown chakra edu from the past, I’d gotten that ‘joints’ were serious energy centers, and the feet were incredibly complex. They did look it.

We went from there to ‘whatever here is the equivalent of the knees,’ since they are a joint and I figured there would be something. There was, and it was very interesting, as if each of these were actually two things ‘joined yet never merged’ that moved around each other in a slow orbit. It wasn’t this shape, but it brought to my mind if you took a yin/yang symbol but then instead of it spinning the way you’d normally think, you instead had an axis through the middle horizontally and the two halves would spin opposite directions, ‘passing through one another’ each rotation, in a way.

We would of course put our hands on the color and feel with it for a moment before moving on.

We went to what I expected to be Kundalini chakra equivalent. I don’t know what I expected — well I do. A big red gem! — but I was a little shocked when we arrived. It wasn’t like a red gem. Well, actually, ok maybe it kind of was like a shape I’m not sure of the name for (I’ll look it up when I’m done here) that is like pointed at both sides, but that element was almost a trivia in the middle. It was rather like a fire, almost like a different version of the volcano of the crown, but this was just pure fire. I felt it would be “plasma” if it were just a tad bit more solid than it was.

Light actually went a little bit all over with this. Oddly I could see that often, the light from this would be more prone to go ‘around’ than up, and when it went up, it also went down. Unlike the other things which were shapes that you can sense would ‘expand’ until their energy touched another’s, this, if it were to send energy, would be pointed, like a laser through a pyramid lens, or whatever that shape is.

I didn’t have any burning desire to put myself over that thing. I actually had some concern it might just evaporate me or something, I mean there was a healthy awareness of power. There were ‘rays’ of it all over though, so I found a small single ray and I attempted to do with my base chakra what I’d done with my crown up at that one. I can’t recall what happened. For some reason my brain has absolutely no memory of anything from that bright idea until we arrived at the next gem.

When we got to the next, I thought I recognized it. Sort of. It was purest gorgeous orange (predictably), but as I watched, I could see streaks of red-orange and orange-gold mixed in as well. My brain worked on where I had seen this shape before. The shape reminded me vaguely of some gem cuttings, like a pear perhaps, and that word reminded me where I knew it from. In 1994 I had a dream experience where, to remove everything else, I found a really big gem about the size of my hand, that was faceted like they call pear-shaped in diamonds, it was orange, and I had the overwhelming urge to eat it, even though I knew that surely if I tried and succeeded it would kill me. (I didn’t.) Anyway, I never had any idea that symbol in the dream had to do with the 2nd chakra, but this makes clear it did, because this thing looked just like it, except super gigantic, a whole landscape element, and like I’d seen with the others higher up, people walked around this as if it were the center of a city square or park or something.

Sun and I put a hand on it and ‘felt’ the energy for a bit, and then moved on.

Somehow the yellow gem seemed gold until I thought of the color gold, at which point I could tell that comparatively this was definitely yellow. It was a perfect cube, and this actually lit up the landscape for probably a mile around. (I made a mental note that all these shapes were different and to see if there was some extra meaning I was missing, in these.)

I had this ‘overlay’ immediately with something I once wrote to an astrologer friend after reading briefly on the topic, something I had ‘realized’ though it wasn’t said: that a square was very powerful, and could best be modeled as the Tango, where if you could get the energy strength to stay ‘balanced’ — equal to each other — you could get a great deal of motion and traction and power out of it, despite the fact the energies were technically, directly opposed. I felt there was some “abstract version” of this going on here.

Trying to think it through a little more here, what I felt in terms of the ‘pieces opposed’, it was something like… this area manages the many elements of personality, including those opposed, but it can use that opposition for strength, one does not have to be either weak-willed/conflicted, or have oneself in perfect alignment; this part of the self is like management, and it has the ability to take these diverse and often conflicting energies and shape and balance them as ‘counterweights’ sort of, for a larger goal.

As Sun and I stood with our hands on it, I had some other realizations.

I realized that I have been unusually weak in this area, in ways I did not used to be, and I have thought of this myself although not in connection with the chakra but with ‘will’. I felt as if I were being shown something (not sure by whom) and I realized — with some dawning upset — that the entire area of my upper torso is part of this, and that everything that goes on there is part of this, and that eating gluten when it actually does a great deal of damage and allows other things to do damage inside you, was literally akin to a chronic attack.

But — but — I started to protest, and I wanted to say, but what does something silly like what I eat have to do with all this? Why does it always freaking have to be so mundane, who cares? but then I remembered the many talks I’ve had with (nearly everyone internal at this point) where they make it clear that physical health does affect energy body and vice-versa, and that yes, damaging food and a messy environment DO matter, no matter how much I want to pretend they don’t. (Like during this med.) So I stayed silent.

I determined to not eat any major sources of gluten any further, and now I could call it a spiritual reason, since clearly the physical reasons haven’t been enough. I had the sense this part of me was sort of “riddled with problems” — the word riddled, and the sense of ‘bullet holes’, both seeming like they ‘fit’ somehow — and this had to change. I agreed.

I figured we might as well see if the shoulders, elbows and hands had some equivalent in this world, and they did, except that I remember nothing about them now alas.


We went back to the green, and I touched it again, and then I went back to the blind man, and I put my hands over his crown, and I poured in some of all the colors-energy I had touched, for him.

I turned back toward the building where IG and I had sat before I started all this. It seemed a lot farther away now. I ported in with her, bringing Sun, and kneeled at her feet for a moment to tell her how glorious she is — like I said, this amazed-awe-affection thing is just all over me lately for some reason — and then sat beside her, and thanked Sun.

I wondered to her if there was more I should do. The music had just stopped on grooveshark which means it had been an hour exactly. She seemed to feel that I had done what was required.

She told me (not in linear words) to do this — to work on this, to imagine these shapes, those colors, to port to that world if needed and touch them, to work regularly on my chakras, and I said I would.


OK trying to find the shape of the kundalini gem, I stumbled on something kind of startling. Or maybe it is obvious and my subconscious is merely predictable, of course.

These shapes are what they call “the platonic solids.”

The Kundalini was 2 of those tetrahedrons together, like a 2-pointed, 6-facet dual pyramid. It moved around a little and I had the feeling was only sometimes directly up and down.

The 2nd chakra I don’t have a word for that shape, ‘pear shape’ is what I call gems I see like that.  Kinda like this but vivid orange, here is a line drawing of the facets, but it was NOT EXACTLY that — just very similar to that, it’s the only thing my brain can find matching it to put in words, it’s something a little diff — but close. What it seems to be missing is a sense of ‘equals and balance’ in the shape–like it seems offbalance to me comparatively–I just can’t describe the alternative.

The 3rd chakra was a cube.

The heart chakra was clearly the octahedron shape, although it seemed the ‘center line’ was extended somewhat (like the corners went straight up for awhile, then tilted).

The throat chakra equivalent was what that wiki page calls a “docahedron” but I’d never have been able to tell you what that shape was if it hadn’t just happened to be on that page. “Round with facets and a flat one on top” is the best I could do.

And the ajna or forehead chakra was a perfect sphere, not one of the platonics. And the feet and knees were other things, combinations.

I believe that sphere-yet-faceted ever-in-motion crown thing was the icosahedron in that wiki list, but again, I would like NEVER have been able to name that shape had I not been lucky enough to just land on that page while googling for some info on shapes trying to find some word for the 2nd chakra thing.

So is it just that I am hilariously predictable?  What part of my imagination would make something a square instead of a doca-whatever? Or perhaps there is something more meaningful to it.

I DID see these not long ago. “Coincidentally.” I meant to mention this a few days ago but I don’t think I did. I had the idea quite some time ago that “fundamental shapes” were something I should meditate on (archmeds) same as doing the table of elements or tarot or all the parts of the body or whatever.

When I thought of this I had the intuition (which reminds me of the advice of the private oracle/narrator, feels like them) that this is one of the (several) things the PO actually meant when once telling me (I blogged this) that all these kinds of meds would help move me forward including some I had not yet come up with. I had thought of that when I heard the term “a Russell Cube” which I’d never heard before and it struck me as interesting and I made a ‘sticky’ note on my desktop so I wouldn’t forget.

I won’t bore you with the detail but I ended up watching this little video that showed something called “metatron’s cube” which was kind of interesting. That word ‘metatron’ I dislike as it reminds me of some stupid 80’s cartoon, though I understand some powerful angel/aeon had it first haha. Anyway several ‘coincidences’ related to this occurred, which made me feel like it was probably the right path and I should add it to my ENDLESS meditation list of things I will pretty much never get to doing unless I end up living in a cave for about 150 years.


IG has made the evening meds I planned to blog seem to fit ok with blogging, while the noon meds I didn’t plan to blog are nearly opposite, stuff very difficult to verbalize and lots of different stuff. I suppose it’s good that way, allows both. I am intending to block out the med time for a ‘lunch’ at work which is unheard of for me thus far (I don’t take lunch. Ever. Until now, for IG).

I am a little confused about the switch from chakra-as-entity to “somewhere there is a landscape where utterly gigantic gems of power are also your chakras” although I suppose if everything is many things on various levels, it makes some sense.

Apparently the “basics” are what IG needs me to start with, given the content of the meds so far.