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I spent several minutes with the Four in the early evening. I ended up sobbing in gratitude about the sudden changes in me this week, clutching each of them in a hug. It was nearly an ugly-cry, and it would have been embarrassing but it can’t be with them or Mark or the Aeons (thankfully).

(Note: I don’t know who made the beautiful art I featured here, found it on the web. May they find glory for their colorful creativity.)

Nothing major in the evening as a seeming effect of the merge. Minor things though.

Like tossing the washcloth and towel over the shower curtain rod and turning away (my norm) and then turning back and carefully hanging each so they were spread out and neat. Same energy as the ‘choice of words’ described in previous post. Making a point to well rinse every dish and wipe down everything even though the cleaning help comes tomorrow. Doing flossing and the face wash and cream, the first of which is only occasional usually, the latter of which are basically never until now. And making a conscious plan with my best friend that I had to do things on a schedule tonight so I had TIME to do these things AND talk to Mark AND get to bed at a decent hour. I mean I’ve wanted to do that for months or longer. But like so many other things, now I suddenly am.

Looking into the mirror and thinking that I find myself more pleasing than I used to. Surely I didn’t get better looking overnight! But it’s like I have… more affection for my face somehow. (I suspect this might mean that some of this energy is from every Aeon’s house, and that part is from Taan’s (1st house).)

Thinking carefully on what tomorrow will hold like, “How much can I get done before the day is over?” I don’t just mean thinking of chores or plans, everyone does that of course, this is different, it’s like this “happily ambitious hope and excitement” where the thoughts have an emotional tinge to them of… dare I say the closest to ‘glory’ that anything in our mundane, flotsam-jetsom world ever achieves.

I even have the sense that there is more that is coming to me, that will be done and will change me, but that there is some holding off, holding back, like it would be too much change for me at once.

The last things that affected me this profoundly were falling in love with Sedaena (IG#4), being able to have conversation with IG4 and even read internally, Mark presenting himself in full white-light angelic form (me realizing he was HGA, which explained why after 20 years of near silence, a word here and there, suddenly I’d been having whole conversations with IG4, “knowledge and conversation” as the occult calls it), and Alayaowaeiiya (heart chakra) using an icepick to tear out the energy bone/covering over a black tunnel (the universe tunnel, with an unmoving eye that is the “I” of the universe, in it) in the middle of my chest and back, between heart and throat chakra.

Happy New Year! I hear fireworks and just realized it’s that time. Sat down for Midnight Mass with Mark (IG5) and just realized I passed the midnight point finishing off this open post.

Pretty sure all this qualifies as the most change within me in a long time.