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I had a long time with Inner Guide (IG). In short I expressed how I wanted to be more aware, more open to psi, how I wanted to genuinely pursue it consistently, and so on.

He agreed to help me… but at one point he leaned close to me and said, “There will come a day when you will be asking me to stop this. When you will be asking me to curtail it, to protect you from it. If you commit to this now, I will not prevent it from happening or take it back again later. I will instead help you to deal with the effects of it.”

I felt kind of wide-eyed at that. But I said that was fine. I asked him to proactively help me deal with anything that is a threat to my consistent viewing.

The archetype had three eyes, three arms on each side (6 total), and three legs. Like some kind of vedic deity, male and standing.

I imagined the rain of love pouring down upon us, while I imagined the energy of love at max intensity coming out of my center and going into his and healing him of anything and everything. Eventually his head was normal and then finally his arms and legs except a ghostly reminder and then finally that was gone too.

During the process I kept having diff versions of the same visual dynamic: something is thrown to the ground, something small, and it kind of skids/rolls there.

I asked him to provide me something on or in my body that would be an energy trade. He created three eyes, like he’d had, and placed them all inside the center of my third-eye chakra, right in the center of my head but slightly higher, and said something like,

‘May you always see what is, what was, and what could be.’

I thanked him, and then I sort of realized, wait a minute…! He is addressing what I did with IG! Not just him as a target!

And he replied to my thought, ‘Every target has the potential to help you evolve.’

Wowwwww. I was so stunned. I had never once thought of this.

I have done archmeds with the archs of targets for the sake of better rapport or information. Never because I thought that unique target arch might have some ability to actually help me personally, with my RV or my awareness or more.

I looked at IG and said, “Oh my god. Is this true? This is TRUE?!” and he said,

“For certain. Every part of the universe holds the maximum potential. ‘All numbers are infinite’, remember.”

I felt so amazed… in the best, this-is-so-important way, that I dropped the energy ball I was making for the archetype and just threw my arms around him. I felt pulses of suffusing waves of love coming through me for him, as I thought at him thank you, thank you so much, SO much, SO MUCH!! The energy was great since we were merging as it was happening I think. Not fully mind you. But a bit.

Then he stepped back, and I told him I would ask for him later, sometime when in a session on this target, and that he could share ‘through’ me whatever information about himself he wished. We did like a small japanese bow and then he vanished.

I wanted to view but I felt it was important I write this down.