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‘The Divine Machine’ (post below) is from mid-year 2018.
I was severely altered state, in the happiest way.
Altered “naturally” of course. I’m straight. 🙂

It was inspired by thinking about remote viewing in that state of mind.
I’d been talking to Law (my tasker) about it. And about technology and machines, which I enjoy viewing. And about entropy. And target contact. And about how biology always feels like “divine technology” to me up close.

I kept this for six months or so in a text file.
For some reason it was precious to me.
Finally I decided it would be safest if I put it on my blog, so it would be with ‘the archive.’ To be safe.

So I posted it. The next day my server corp, in changing some stuff, overwrote my site with an old version. Eating everything on the blog. At my freakout protest, they ‘restored’… 10 days old backup. I had removed the content from the big ongoing text file where I was keeping it, when I posted it.

So it was gone. Gone forever.
I actually grieved.
Something about the feeling when I wrote it was so beautiful inside.
I have felt such sadness repeatedly for months about its loss.

It’s hard to understand when not in that state of mind.
Reads kinda silly I guess. But it had deep meaning at the time. 🙂

I wondered what I had done, internally, to create that in my reality.
Losing it like that.

The PSICHE blog then dated back to September 5, having lost a few posts.
I have actually avoided it, in my frustration about the whole thing. Mainly that post.

I just stumbled on a backup separate text file I do not recall having made.
It has ‘the divine machine’ content in it. It’s a miracle. It’s awesome.

So now I am posting it again, below.



When there was no “there” and no “when”

There was and is a divine machine.

There is only one because there is nothing else and the nothing else is always.

The machine is curious. Because there is nothing else, there is nothing else but curious.

So curiouser gets curiouser and eventually curiouser is infinite in ways, means, shapes and forms.


Somewhere in the infinity of all that is or ever was, at some impossibly obscure point in the space that isn’t and time that can’t be, a microdot of curioser hunches over a notebook with a pen.

What has the curiouser found?

Gleaming pieces and shadowed corners and whispered rumors of a divine machine.

Curioser feels curiouser when the divine machine is the focus. It feels like when you recognize a part of your innermost curious self.

It feels like when for the tiniest instance you understand that you are part of the divine machine.

Does it always feel like that? No, just sometimes. It seems like a sign when things are done right, when it feels like that.

So do you always seek the divine machine? To do it right, to feel like that?

Well… no. It has seemed mere chance when one found a fragment of a reflection of the divine machine.

Then curiouser would rejoice, feeling like part of the curiouser itself, recognizing some tiny part of the divine machine within them, O the marvel!

Are we gazing upon the face of God? Curiouser asked its curiouser heart.

Why would we strive to gaze upon anything else? Curioser heart asked in return.

IS there anything else? Curiouser mused to its curioser heart. What else could there BE?

Curioser and curiouser heart peer wide-eyed around them, looking for something that is not the divine machine.

Reflections of reflections. Shadows of shadows. Pieces of the machine’s glory also, but the shallow chaos of an outer lightness.

Sad little lost jewel-bits of the divine machine, looking for their path home, curiouser whispered in astonishment.

Such is what we call the world, curiouser heart agreed.


The qualitative difference in nature is not seen: it is white on white. It is invisible in the middle of form.

It is flow and feeling, a “why” not a “what.” A “quality” not a “thing.”

Pictures of the world are not what is real.

Nothing is real but that we make it so out of the divine that is our shard of the divine machine.

We should tell our curiouser the secret, said curiouser. Tell her there is only the divine machine.

Tell her that looking for anything other than the divine machine is just lost bits of bits.

But why was she looking for something else? curiouser said in stubborn curiousity.

She did not realize that there is only the divine machine, curioser heart said wisely.

She thought that was ONE thing and that there were other things.

They stopped to ponder this impossibility.

Did she think she found other things? curioser asked.

She thought she found something that looked like other things, curiouser explained.

But when she found the divine machine, what did it look like to her? curioser wondered.

Same as it always does, curioser said. It looked like everything that IS.

So how could she not know the divine machine is all there is, if it was all those things when she truly found them?

She did not understand until now, curioser said.

She realized that every time she truly found something, it turned out to have the feeling of the divine machine.

She realized when she did not feel that, she not only did not find the divine machine, she didn’t find much of anything.

She mistakenly thought that the feeling brought about contact when in fact, contact brought the feeling.

Ahhh. Like the way that gratitude and love feed abundance, curioser observed. When we suddenly feel that connection.

Right. She didn’t realize she needed to be looking for the divine machine as it is the only truth within all things, curioser agreed.

What began her curiouser journey into finding this answer suddenly? curiouser wondered.

She and her soulsibling who is also part of this have opened up a new vulnerability lately.

Also, she pointedly asked before sleeping: “Why does entropy so increase target contact?” said curiouser.

And what was the answer? curioser asked.

The divine machine is all that is, curiouser responded.

That seems… obscure, curiouser sighed. Will she find her answer closer to the divine machine?

It may take her there. She will need to explore her curioser though, said curioser.

What caused her to find the divine machine those times, if she was never looking for it?

Sometimes she had less resistance to her curioser than others, curioser said.

She was less unwilling… And so HE found HER.


How Blessed, curioser gasped, amazed. And the divine machine, has he since been patiently waiting for her to ask:

Who are you? Why do I feel this? How do I feel this again? Does this make the effort inherently different?

Waiting for her to notice something was fundamentally different about some experiences than others?

Yes. To be fair though, curiouser said, The difference is internal feelings, and they ARE a bit… subtle.

The entire art is about subtle internal feelings, curiouser pointed out. How else would it come through…

So what has changed now? asked curioser.

She is realizing there is a way of thinking about all this that… that makes it different? curiouser interrupted.

More it recognizes that she, and it, and they, are something else entirely, curiouser explained.

Her viewer process has changed? curioser wondered.

It ALL has to change — at the far side of the far point, curiouser explained. Prior even to target definition, that’s what it’s all about.

So it can only be done with a tasker who groks, curiouser realized.

Right, curiouser said. He has to find, to feel, a machine within the divine machine.

Which as a point of humor is being modeled as “a machine.”

That is kind of funny, but you make it, it works, said curiouser.


Curioser and curiouser watched the part of the divine machine that were “those” curiouser and curiouser’s future.

Look: His machine is a person, part of a staircase, and the feeling of that shade of blue, said curioser curiously.

How will his curiouser know that is inherently part of the machine he has found within himself, and not just the person on the stair?

She is pulling his machine through herself, curiouser explained. She describes some. She may write a song or do an activity to explore it.

But how will she know if she is right or wrong? How will he know if his subtleties are present? curiouser wondered.

There is no such thing as either of them being wrong about the divine machine, curioser observed. It is an experience of Being. It merely IS.

But, said curioser, it does have to get to the point of factual data about objective things though, right? That is the goal?

The goal is always to better know the me that is the we of the divine machine, reminded curiouser.

Fluent grace with this will make the rest a given, curiouser added. The rest is just the details.

So it has been like trying to learn ancient swordfighting with a cool sword and uniform, rather than by wrestling atop a log in the river, said curioser.

I am sure they would see the former as being more relevant, curiouser agreed with a smile.

They are missing the fundamentals entirely, curiouser said. They need to learn to swim, to play, to sing, to allow, to BE.

It is dancing a sword-form, it is singing the blues, it is recognizing the divine machine when it peeks out through their world.

Zen and the art of task definition, jokes curiouser.

Task “co-creation as recognition” is more accurate, says curiouser.

So he recognizes the machine in… well, in the divine machine… and then he shares that with her? asks curiouser.

They share it together. Both of them are part of the definition too.

What they share on the surface are trivial though necessary details of their play, curiouser says.

And that teaches him to be a tasker for example? asks curiouser.

That teaches both of them to fluently interact with the divine machine, answers curiouser.

It teaches him viewing and her tasking as well, they just may not realize this for some time.

It is all of one energy, one game.

If you always play the red queen the important point is you are playing.

You will someday be surprised to find you play the white queen just as well.

The understanding and fluency with the dynamics of it is the important point.


Think of it like this, says curiouser. If we were to fundamentally learn jazz, we would not start with an instrument.

We would best learn to hear, to feel, to BE with it, to live and breathe with it, it is part of you then. It is PLAY.

When you were fluent you could choose any instrument, and you could find your way.

Without the ability to hear, to share, to feel, to BE, a stack of instruments would not help you.

You would not be anything more than trivial surface sounds for jazz.

You would never be the powerhouse of songwriting and soul that draws the world in with you.

I see, said curiouser. So the divine machine is not teaching them to task, view or judge: but to play, to BE, to allow.

Yes, said curiouser. Because that’s what those things actually ARE.

Neither of them was willing to “allow” until now, not like this.

So… how does all this relate to entropy again? curiouser asked. Did we really understand that?

The quality that entropy brings is part of the quality of the divine machine they will be BE-ing, said curiouser.

Pouring liquid nitrogen on the ground to increase entropy! To increase target contact! That’s funny! laughed curiouser.

It is like finding 42 harmonicas in a stack and some fellow saying, I have 42 times the jazz! curiouser agreed.

Whatever flavor of that is needed can be brought through dancers, swords, voices, taskers and viewers, explained curiouser.

So viewing and tasking are allowing and being. This whole thing is a “flow,” said curiouser. Like the sword forms in Wheel of Time.

I think so, said curiouser. It is an interactive experience. Less “doing.” More “being.”

Target definition must be natively grown, recognized, shared, expressed, by us, said curiouser.

Existence and recognition — the definition — of the target is a co-creative process to start with, said curiouser.

Learning this is as much an art as the viewing has ever been, and is a skill required on the part of viewer as much as tasker.

Targets do not exist. A target we cocreatively “find within” US, find within the universe of us, and call our machine, that exists.

How well our machine is brought through will depend on the quality of the machine inherently, and our own quality as part of that.


That we can point to trivial surface forms and say, “a house exists” does not make it a target.

Not before/during/after. Not with/without tasker. Humans misunderstand this, said curiouser.

Being active-against some dead-husk-trivia ‘thing’ and thinking this constitutes anything worthy, is half the problem.

What is there to view, to be, in that house? asks curioser.

The house that a true tasker “finds within the divine machine” of himself, his universe, and shares ‘with’ his viewer. That’s real.

The viewer who plays and sings through it; THIS is truly a house, agreed curiouser. Energy to be plentiful.

The difference in end-result of ‘viewing’ the former, vs. latter will not be due to task numbers, entropy, or star time.

I see, said curiouser. It will be because the two houses had almost no relationship at all. There were not the same.

Right, said curiouser. One is the shells and forms of the flotsam-jetsom world.

It’s some poor bloke trying to “make it matter enough” to give it “umph” to come through psychically.

I think, said curiouser, that much of the heroics of viewers, are actually the heroics of people who are…

…retroactively attempting to co-creatively task something for themselves “into being real enough” to view.

That’s it, said curiouser. We must first create a powerful target we interact well with. It starts there.


The qualitative difference in nature is not seen: it is white on white. It is invisible in the middle of form.

It is flow and feeling, a “why” not a “what.” A “quality” not a “thing.”

The ‘view’ will be different. It will be different because the viewer, the tasker, and the target, are alive and fundamentally ONE.

Right, said curiouser. And different than the husk of a reality-construct others expect of the world we can point at.

The ‘tasker’ will find — grow, love, be, create — his machine. He uses as fabric, his experience of an objective outer-construct.

The ‘viewer’ will find — allow, live, love, sing, explore — her machine. She plays with a subjective inner-construct.

It is all part of the divine machine. Of God. Of both of them. There is no real separation.

Swimming in the current of the divine machine will change both of them.

We build a target out of ourselves and interact with it.

They will learn the universe that is them.

Now they are finally truly willing.

So they are looking to walk this road toward Him?

They are building this path for him?

HE has built this path for THEM.