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Last night I tried some of the cheap little ‘high voltage wand’ on myself. This is a pitiful modern version that wishes it was a real Violet Ray and is nothing like it. Still it may have ability to activate the accupressure points and is probably good for skin and surface circulation at least. I got it as a trial before I spend real money on something more like a real ray, and while reading everything I can find on the topic, some of which is a re-read since this is sort of a spectrum, with the ‘e-z little things’ (like dermawand, which is basically what I got) on one side of the spectrum, and the full violet wands (the old sorts though they have modern versions, sans tesla coil but that may or may not be required) on the other side of the spectrum, and then a cross-spectrum that goes from highly specific zappers (e.g. Rife, Clark) on one side to body-wide magnetic wave oscillators on the other. Actually, looking for these things convinces me I’m in the wrong business, this stuff is so overpriced clearly I should be making and selling those instead.

I tried my ‘wand’ mostly on my left hand, some on feet and other hand, on my arms and bend of elbow, just a little around the skin in general and then spent maybe 10-15 seconds moving it around a tiny broken capillary point to see what might happen (this is vastly less time than might be expected to have any result but I’m conservative and neurotic when it comes to applying electric sparks to my body, go figure). The capillary is nearly flat (it was a tiny red lump last night) and has a curious subtle ring around it so it does seem something happened. I’ll do more tonight. Anyway, I was feeling in touch with my body, as I’ve been feeling desperate to do something about thinning hair and the lymph in my legs which is part of this zeal. At lunchtime, I felt like I needed to talk to my body, and I focused-in.

I said, “Nero, I’m sorry I suck at this, can you please help me pay attention?” My brain is like ADD. I asked for Tek (the always-unique-instance of this body-guide), and for solar body and Mark (IG5) to be present, and told Nero to bring me whatever Aeonic energy might help (he brought a whole array of percentages from around the ring, as I think of it), and then I sat quietly.

I started rocking very slightly back and forth as I waited, and was going to stop but Tek said no, that’s good keep doing that.

Tek went around to my back and I sensed he had something akin to an icepick in his hand and he was doing stuff like poking it in and moving it around just to the left of my spine, starting near the neck and gradually moving down. I got some warm-fuzz-rushes on me as he was doing that.

Finally he actually ‘opened up’ the body just to the left of the spine, and I was looking in and I said to Mark: is it coincidence that this is always to the left of my spine? I have had other things with this same symbol before. I mean is it related to my issues with ‘the feminine’ and my female Aeons and such? I can’t remember what he said. But it basically indicated yes, because my body is a reflection of all my relationships inherently.

Then Tek closed that, went around and opened up the front of me in the same way, like there was a doorway opening just to the left of my spine all the way from neck to pelvis, and as I was sitting there sort of mellowing out I got distracted, which is actually what he needed — my mind to STFU long enough for him to get something spontaneous and intuitive through to me. Body meds are always so odd:

I was looking at something that was a bit like a stalk but very soft and light colored and then had kind of a globule at the end of it like its natural ‘tip’ is bulbous. And on the whole thing but especially on the globule at the end was this… um, growth. It was very unique looking. Imagine the natural-bristle type brushes that we have for using on dry skin or feet or something, the sort of stiff, tan-colored thin bristles. Then imagine that those bristles, each one is actually an incredibly thin tube, open in the middle. Then imagine that each tube also has the most incredibly thin walls imaginable. Then imagine that each tube is a fairly unique (or random anyway) height and size. Then imagine that the material they are made out of feels very odd and subtle like some cross between ‘mineral’ and ‘glass’ and ‘fiber’ but not-quite any of those.

Then imagine that these are basically ‘growing all over’ this little soft stalk and especially its bulbous ending, with the ‘bristles’ at the bulbous end being more dense and longer than the ones on the stalk portion. It wasn’t that these were growing out of the stalk, they didn’t come from it. It was more like barnacles or something that attaches physically into something ever so slightly, and then use that as a base to contribute to continued growth outward.

There were a few subtle feelings layered on each other with this. One is that this material seemed so incredibly sharp and hard compared to what felt like the hypersensitive vulnerable softness of the stalk. It also seemed… invasive, even though I sensed it was only external, not internal to the stalk.

When I pulled my perspective back a little I could tell that this was basically present all through the area he was showing me, just to the left of my spine, the entire length of my body but more in some places than others.

What is this? I asked Tek.

He indicated something like, the deposition of elements.

I said, But why are they here? I feel like it’s wrong for it to be here, somehow.

He said something like, we need to remove this, and I further ‘understood’ though he didn’t say, that the reason it felt like glass and mineral yet neither is because it was basically something akin to (perhaps not literally) ‘crystal’ except not-quite-fully-formed. Like only the shells made of the first rounds of molecules gradually taking shape, like it was chemically real already, but not yet substantially-collected enough that it would be perceived in the gross-physical if we were to literally look with our eyes, assuming we knew what to look for. Maybe. But that it was definitely already present and affecting the spinal nerves or something, and I considered that perhaps this was literally ON some spinal nerves, given the look of the soft light colored fleshy stalk the stuff was growing on.

Calcite Growths that look amazingly like what I saw internally except the ones internally were thinner, tubular (can't tell if these are), more varied in length, and somewhat less... solid.

Calcite Growths that look amazingly like what I saw internally except the ones internally were thinner, tubular (can’t tell if these are), more varied in length, and somewhat less… solid.

The back of my head says that I have seen a photograph ‘similar’ (not exact) to this, of some kind of rock or mineral, which had this bristly, stiff-hair like growth on it. Like natural light-brown hairbrush-bristles but super thin tubes like hair or crystal. I searched (later) in google trying to find a rock/gem that grew like this but no luck. I find this curious since I had one prior experience where I saw something that was nearly identical to a mineral form I found a pic of. It makes me wonder how much of our “esoteria” is the ‘magic of the elements’ — literally.

Edited: later, I had this word “calcite” come into my head. I thought maybe that was subconscious memory. So I googled that and I was almost about to give up when I found a pic that looks incredibly like it! Just the little hairy-bristle things. Except the ones I saw were thinner, tubular, more varied in length (a sort of ‘superfine hair like’) and less solid. Full pic credit here:

I started to gather energy in my solar plexus chakra for some kind of dissolve effort, and then I realized that I should bring some from the base chakra for power, and then from the sacral chakra for creativity, and of course from the heart chakra because love is the motive power of energy work, and then I realized that if I had a brain I would just understand already that ‘all of me’ is required in all things I do, whether it is self-healing or cooking or working, and that all my chakras (and all my aeons, to the degree possible) should be involved in everything all the time if I can remember to think of it.

I worked on dissolving it en-masse, breaking the molecules apart small enough that everything just because a sort of dust. There was one section near my lower torso where the stuff was thicker and far more substantial than the others and that took longer to break down. Then I felt I should ‘blow it off’ so I literally blew gently while imagining going up and down that part of my spine and ‘totally cleaning off’ all the stalks that previously had this stuff collecting and growing on them so they were clean. Then I imagined a rinsing, and then we closed up and the meditation was done. Drank some water.

I know I need to do these vastly more often.