Aeons of the Universe (Tarot)

My understanding and relationship with the Tarot has changed greatly since I began ‘interworlds’ imaginal work. Initially I ignored Tarot because I had no interest in it for divination, and I admit, I didn’t take it very seriously. I treated astrology with about the same attitude. Both of these qualify as ‘archetypes’ quite officially. But my definition of archetype had no boundaries — it was any energy you wanted combined into something that you could interact with or within (I need a better word than ‘archetype’ for that I suppose).

I was told to meditate on a card in an inner-experience. So I did, and it was actually the hardest thing I ever did. It took months, and multiple meditations, and was more than a little overwhelming. (This was Knight of Wands.) I gradually did another, then another. Although at that time, I had already moved a little bit into sometimes “letting InnerGuide drive” the experience — not using the ‘typical’ archetype meditation scripted format — I did these with the simple structure initially.

It boggled my mind how powerful they were. It was as if I’d taken the average impact of a typical “archmed” as I call them, and dialed up inherent power to 10. And I would get offbeat things that surprised me, like being able to “recognize” an energy I had met before (such as Works {3 of disks}) even if it were in some other meditation, and finding myself in what seemed like whole “worlds” for each card, and yet the suits seeming to have a similarity in this.

I realized at one point that I had misunderstood everything. I had thought these were cards. I thought they were just some-guy’s way of philosophically dividing up metaphysical ideas. I thought I was meditatively working with “my idea about his idea about X.” This was completely wrong.

There is a certain pattern to the universe, of which we are a part, and which is a part of us. It is a very important, fundamental pattern, and humans throughout time have been attempting to replicate that pattern outside of them, roughly as we do. Tarot is this attempt to recreate the ‘feel’ of this pattern, the intuitive understanding of the structure of it all.

This is not limited to any one people or culture or time, and can be represented in different creative ways. The cards become labels, name-tags, for ‘this piece of the structure’ you might say. We are recognizing that-energy of that-pattern, when we say “three of disks.” But what those labels/cards identify is more profoundly vast and powerful than anything we could wrap our brain or our words around.

In the end, Tarot is not about the cards at all — or rather, I guess it can be, but that is a ‘surface’ use, and there is so much more potential — it is about the recognition of, and interaction with, the universe.  How well any given deck does this, and how well the individual using that deck ‘intuitively allows’ the actual energy to work through the witness or intermediary of the cards themselves, that’s a variable.

When I say the cards are labels or name-tags, I want to add, though, that at the energetic level, there is no separation. That’s a delusion our languages and paradigms and outer-worlds give us. In the interworlds there is no such thing as a ‘word’ being a ‘pointer’ to something else. Like X is ‘here’ and Y is ‘there.’ It doesn’t really work that way. The word IS the something-else. Every seeming “representative” of that something-else, IS that something-else’s energy. There is no separation.

The Tarot is alive. It’s more than merely alive, that energy is the fundamental of “manifest existence.” And it’s vast. They are each as powerful as gods-little-g — but still very powerful gods-little-g even in that category — each combined suit, even moreso. So when you go knock on the door of Ace of Disks, you’re not just doing something in your head related to a card related to an idea. You are having a relationship with a gigantically powerful entity.

Each Tarot identity by the way, is a dynamic.

(Each element in the Periodic Table of Elements, I was once told, is a quality.)

The Tarot are Aeons of the Universe. That means that as a system, they span the energy of the entire universe, and they each hold all-of-it, but each of them focuses “more upon one part of it” which is their focus. The variance in decks, cards and names and more, has a slight effect on our ‘experience’ of it only because it is the filter-framework we’re focusing upon. But not much.

WE are the universe. But it’s the “implication” which affects us most: the powerful energy of any given Tarot card is actually making up a good chunk of our “experiential reality” — including our body, our events and environments, etc.

So when you improve your relationship with a given Tarot identity, it is akin to cleaning up that part of the universe, and because there is no separation, that means quite literally “your life.” All the “related dynamics” in your life will change based on your relationship.

I had a “sponsored insight” once and wrote down:

The Tarot is a map of the manifest universe, and the Tree of Life is a map of the divine structure, and the two of them conjoined are a map of the Soul. Large capital S. The soul IS everything {that we ‘know’}: it is the geometry of the planets and the cells, the motion of the tides and the cycles of friendship, the minerals and the butterflies. Everything, and every perspective.

Suddenly it seems very important to me that I map out and work through the entire tarot in meditation format, that I work through the ‘paths and sephira’ and that I really work on allowing personal change to happen with this.

— from Musing on QBL, the Four, and Geekiness

There is no such thing as a ‘negative’ Tarot identity. It reflects the universe and any given identity simply reflects a given collection of energy. Much like looking at a picture on a computer screen, and you point to some arbitrary place and zoom in and look at exactly what RGB color that pixel is. It simply “is.” It’s simply “the energy that is there.” It’s not fundamentally bad or good. Most of the seeming negatives are “transition” dynamics — those push a crux of probability. The reality is we are “dancing” with all the Tarot identities as part of our lives. As friends we may agree to dance apart. Either way, we are still dancing; we merely decide how we will do it.

Eventually I mostly-abandoned the traditional format for these meditations and simply let my IG lead. I usually find myself in a different environment of some kind. Sometimes it’s another world quite realistically, I call these parallels, I consider them real but on a different frequency beat-pattern than us, such as with Knight of Cups. Sometimes there is offbeat interaction that blends with other energies like Two of Disks. They have improved and are sometimes very interesting, even with leading-in experiences and follow-on dreams, such as Ten of Wands.

I love the Thoth tarot — although there are others as beautiful or moreso, this one draws me more than the others I’ve seen — so that is what I use as a model. I’ve had many experiences I didn’t understand (this sums up most of my spiritual life actually) and later realized that symbolism was in a card somewhere in that deck, which I find fascinating.

Not all my meditations go well or even go at all. Most I do get through… eventually. Some are brief and easy. Some are horrible and take eons. The most common side effect is avoidance and forgetfulness. I must blog and promptly or any new energy experience falls out of my head forever.

I describe my  meditations below. I am working on getting through all the suits and then the trumps.

(usually ‘inner guide’ archetype format. Not always.)


Ace and the Royals of Disks, Thoth Tarot

Ace and the Royals of Disks, Thoth Tarot

Ace of Disks  → Med 1 (opening)
2 of Disks – ChangeMed 1
3 of Disks – WorksMed 1
4 of Disks – PowerMed 1
5 of Disks – WorryMed 1
6 of Disks – SuccessMed 1
7 of Disks – FailureMed 1
8 of Disks – PrudenceMed 1
9 of Disks – GainMed 1
10 of Disks – WealthMed 1
Princess of Disks → Med 1 | Med 2
Prince of Disks → Med 1
Queen of Disks → Med 1
Knight of Disks → Med 1 | Med 2
Ace of Disks → Med 2 (closing)


Ace and the Royals of Swords, Thoth Tarot

Ace and the Royals of Sword, Thoth Tarot

Ace of Swords  → Med 1 | Med 2 | Med 3
2 of Swords – Peace  → Med 1
3 of Swords – Sorrow  → Med 1
4 of Swords – Truce  → Med 1
5 of Swords – Defeat  → Med 1
6 of Swords – Science  → Med 1
7 of Swords – FutilityMed 1
8 of Swords – Interference → Med 1
9 of Swords – CrueltyMed 1
10 of Swords – RuinMed 1
Princess of Swords  → Med 1
Prince of Swords  → Med 1
Queen of Swords  → Med 1
Knight of Swords  → Med 1


Ace and the Royals of Cups, Thoth Tarot

Ace and the Royals of Cups, Thoth Tarot

Ace of Cups → Med 1 (Opening)
Two of Cups – LoveMed 1
Three of Cups – AbundanceMed 1
Four of Cups – LuxuryMed 1
Five of Cups – DisappointmentMed 1
Six of Cups – PleasureMed 1
Seven of Cups – DebauchMed 1
Eight of Cups – IndolenceMed 1
Nine of Cups – HappinessMed 1
Ten of Cups – SatietyMed 1
Princess of Cups → Med 1
Prince of Cups → Med 1
Queen of Cups → Med 1
Knight of Cups → Med 1
Ace of Cups → Med 1 (Closing)


Ace and the Royals of Wands, Thoth Tarot

Ace and the Royals of Wands, Thoth Tarot

Ace of WandsMed 1
2 of Wands – DominionMed 1
3 of Wands – VirtueMed 1
4 of Wands – Completion → Med 1
5 of Wands – StrifeMed 1
6 of Wands – VictoryMed 1
7 of Wands – ValourMed 1
8 of Wands – Swiftness → Med 1
9 of Wands – StrengthMed 1
10 of Wands – OppressionMed 1
Princess of Wands → Med 1
Prince of Wands → Med 1 | Med 2
Queen of Wands → Med 1
Knight of Wands → Med 1 | Med 2 | Med 3 | Med 4 | Med 5 | Med 6


Trumps: 0 – The Fool
Trumps: I – The Magus
Trumps: II – The Priestess
Trumps: III – The Empress
Trumps: IV – The Emperor
Trumps: V – The Hierophant
Trumps: VI – The Lovers
Trumps: VII – The Chariot
Trumps: VIII – AdjustmentMed 1 | Med 2 | Med 3
Trumps: IX – The Hermit
Trumps: X – Fortune
Trumps: XI – Lust
Trumps: XII – The Hanged man
Trumps: XIII – Death
Trumps: XIV – Art
Trumps: XV – The Devil
Trumps: XVI – The TowerMed 1 | Med 2 | Med 3
Trumps: XVII – The Star
Trumps: XVIII – The Moon
Trumps: XIX – The Sun
Trumps: XX – The Aeon
Trumps: XXI – The UniverseMed 1 | Med 2

I hope at some point to add other things to my meditation efforts. Including the ‘paths’ of the QBLH ‘Tree of Life,’ the chemistry Table of Elements, basic geometry shapes, numbers, letters, astrology, astronomy, and so on. I’ll need to live a long life to pull off even half of this.