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Thoth Tarot Adjustment (aka Justice)

Thoth Tarot Adjustment (aka Justice)

I remembered that I wanted to do another round with Adjustment (Thoth Tarot).

This is ‘my’ card in that deck, I realized the first time I saw it as an art form, clueless, back in 1994. Still don’t know what that means, just know that it is. I recall being rather disappointed initially as I’d heard others go on about that idea and they were all things like Empress which seemed much more glorious!

Anyway to my surprise (given how hard the first 2-part med was) I was able to directly work with it. At some point — I think I forgot what was going on — it abruptly became a “him,” dancing with me like a waltz.

When it was time to trade some energy he/she reached out to the chakras above and below my feet/head and did something that connected them and I went, “Ohhhhh is THAT what those things on the card are?? I didn’t realize!” — maybe I am clueless.

He also however brought 3rd with me for the same thing but reversed and I felt the message was that the card’s nature required both halves of our singular soul (and I think all Four of us actually) for Adjustment to be balanced, itself.

So that was Take III on that card.